Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Video Classic: Undeniable Proof of Aliens

Here is a classic video we thought worth posting on Arcturi. Check out this extra ordinary NASA coverage.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Israel Shoots Down a UFO Hovering Over a Nuclear Plant

An Israel Air Force Jet shot down a UFO near the Dimona Nuclear Reactor. The official say the object definitely flew over the reactor. However, some are claiming the object was a balloon. The Dimona nuclear reactor is a no fly zone as Israel Air Force followed standard protocol to take care of this intruder. Some testimonies of the defense department are claiming the object was propelled by some time of machine, while others are claiming it was simply an adrift balloon. The Air Force claims they have not found the wreckage from the UFO.

This event could be of some significance as this area seems to be significant for the research of Ancient Aliens and the history of our civilization. Additionally, tensions between neighboring countries could bring out ill consequences of this event as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

UFOs Orbiting the Sun Compliation

UFOs Orbiting the Sun. On Arcturi, we have featured stories on this before. If you haven't been following us up to this point, many videos have been released in the last year that feature very large unidentifiable objects that seem to be orbiting our sun. This video compilation does a great job of documenting these events. Note many of these anomalies are described by NASA as coronal mass ejections, however, the video evidence clearly points out shapes that appear to be rectangular and therefore not natural sun phenomena.

Special thanks to our Facebook correspondents for this one!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Massive Starship Like Object Found in Outer Solar System

Here is a short video of what seems to be a massive starship in the outer part of our solar system. With repeated observations astronomers are speculating that the object is nearing the Earth. We certainly know about many mysterious objects beyond the Kuiper Belt. Recently astronomers have found other massive bodies which could be as large as planets.

Special thanks to our facebook correspondents for this video!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

UFO Shoots at a Missle!

UFO Shoots At Missile
Uploaded by UFOEvolution. - News videos from around the world.

In this amazing video, researchers have captured a UFO circling and seemingly shooting a missile as it is being tested. The video features an engineer that was working on the design describing his story and the subsequent government cover up. The UFO seems to be a benevolent peace loving force as it causes the missile test to fail. The UFO seems to emit a beam of light aimed at the missile as it circles around warhead and eventually exists the view.

Arcturi suggests it could be an Arcturian or Pleiadian peace keeping looking out for earths interests. However, form the limited amount of evidence it is quite difficult to tell.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The History of Aliens

Arcturi thought it would be most helpful to provide a brief history of recorded alien encounters on planet Earth.

Reptilian Annunaki found in the Middle East around 5,000 B.C.

Some Ancient Astronaut Sculptures in ancient Ecuador unknown time frame.

Some cave drawings in North America dated around 5500 B.C.

A Japanese labyrinth uncovered in 1957 uncovered ancient drawings that depicted not only UFOs but maps of the solar system featuring 10 planets. The ruins were unfortunately destroyed in an earthquake this is an artist reproduction.

Here in 1561, the daily newspaper in Nuremberg Germany recorded this extra ordinary event.

A French Coin from 1610 seems to feature a UFO

Here a painting from 1710 shows John the Baptist and Jesus apparently being beamed by a UFO.

The oldest picture of a UFO ever taken in 1870 as photography was dawning.

Explosion of UFO photos since 1900 and photograph becomes more accessible.

Special thanks to Crystal Links and our Facebook family. for some help with some of the content.

Monday, December 6, 2010

NASA Engineer Tells Subterranean Grey Bases on Mars

This one is wild!

Here is an interesting series of videos presented by a so called NASA engineer by the name of Jim. Here Jim explains that he wishes to releases some confidential information on Greys, Mars, and the Universe the government has been hiding. Check out this very interesting video. The video explains a lot about the nature of the extra terrestrials which is difficult for many to understand. We have not verified these videos to be true, however, they certainly are worth a watch.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NASA Revealing Extra Terrestrial Life?

Could NASA be revealing Extra Terrestrial Life?

NASA announced a press release today that they will be announcing an "astrobiology finding.... that will impact the search for evidence of extra terrestrial life." Many are suggesting that NASA may finally reveal that existence of aliens.

The NASA press conference is scheduled to commence Thursday, December 2pm at EST. The internet is going crazy with speculation.

Arcturi believes that this announcement will be the first of many similar announcements beginning to prepare society for the revelation of extra terrestrial intelligence. However, we urge a note caution to readers and listeners. The evidence presented could be introduced with some biased agendas to dissuade you from the truth. Arcturi encourages you to do your own research and follow your instincts with these findings, whatever they may be!