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Native Americans and the Reptoid Snake People

Reptoids, Reptilians, Dinosauroids are nothing new to the Americas. In fact, since the beginning of our known history of the Americas the native peoples have recorded, worshiped and idolized these Reptilians beings.

The Mayans are certainly no exception. The Mayans spoke and recorded history of a species of “Iguana-Men” who descended from the sky taking charge of their civilization. These Reptoids taught them how to build their magnificent pyramids and even instructed them to arrange them in patterns reflecting the constellations. The legendary Mayan story of Gukumatz speaks of Serpents of Wisdom enlightening the people and sometimes even devouring the young.

Either these Mayans had very vivid imaginations or something these “Iguana men” are something to be actually taken note of. The Reptoid visitations certainly explain the perfect celestial alignment and construction of their pyramids. Additionally, these advanced visitors could explain some of the ancient astronaut theories with the King Pakal ascending in his rocketship.

The Reptilians connect does not just stop in central America, but continues into the history of the Northern American tribes. The Hopi Indians of Northern Arizona referred to a race of Reptilian humanoids called the Sheti, translated “Snake Brothers.” The Hopi have long been known for their high level of enlightenment and deep spiritual connections to the Earth. While the Hopi’s connection with the Earth would most likely inspire them to write great legends about the creates that roam the earth, it seems completely illogical for this great tribe to refer to the lowly modern snake as “snake brothers.”

John Rhodes, an active researcher of Reptilian origins has spoken to many tribal chiefs about this matter. Both Apache and Hopi tribal leaders spoke to him of the Reptilians having underground bases and assisting the tribes in times of crisis. Underground cities of the Reptilians are said to exist under parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico.

Special thanks to Star Wars for the Trandoshan image, which we think could accurately describe what these Reptoids looked like.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Introduction to Reptilians

There is much talk about many different alien races and knowing the truth has always been a question of the imagination; however, as the different races circulate throughout the internet and various books, Reptilians seem to catch the most attention because of their suspected Earthly origins.

There is much truth to this speculation of Reptilians evolving on Earth, but it is not how most people know it to be. Reptilians evolved in two separate planets, one was Earth and the other was a planet near the brightest star in the Draco constellation (Draconis). As the two Reptilian races evolved, it was known that the Earthly Reptoids were a peaceful and “good” race, and the Draconian Reptilians evolved with a “warrior” and “evil” spirit.

After the Draconian Retilians discovered the advancement in technology by the Earthly Reptilians they decided to invade and ensure that they kept the power and order in our Milky Way Galaxy. As a result of the traumatic invasion, Earthly Reptoids were consciously reduced to levels of simple alligator, lizard, and turtle reptiles.

Although many did not escape the dire consequences of the Draconian invasion, some Reptoids remained hidden underground as an advance alien race biding its time to once again show their strength and power in a galaxy ravaged by galactic wars.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

UFO Combat NASA Cover Up

This astonishing video shows some rarely seen and highly remarkable UFO footage. This video from a NASA space Shuttle seems to show an unidentified craft with a remarkable amount of intelligence.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mars Close Pass by Earth and Cydonia


Known as the Earth’s next-door neighbor Mars is the fourth planet orbiting the sun. Mar is named for the Roman god of war. The Romans named it this because of its redish color similar to that of blood.

Mars is now much further away from the sun then the Earth (141,620,000 miles from the sun, roughly 1 ½ times the distance the Earth is from the sun). The distance from the sun along with less atmosphere density results in cooler temperatures on the Red Planet. The temperature can range from –195f. in the winter near the poles to 70f. in the summer near the equator. The topography of the planet is very similar to that of Earth’s with mountains, river valleys, glacier deposits, and large basins which once held water. The mantle is very similar to that of the Earth’s although the planet is significantly smaller.

Mars might once have harbored life, and living things might exist there even today. Mars almost certainly has three ingredients that scientists believe are necessary for life: (1) chemical elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen that form the building blocks of living things, (2) a source of energy that living organisms can use, and (3) liquid water.

When studying the early solar system researchers believe that its possible that both the Earth and Mars held much closer orbits to the sun. The respective ancient orbits would have put the Earth and Mars very close to one another at times (which possibly gives credit to ancient literature speaking of the moons of mars). However, this closer orbit was most likely pushed out further by colliding asteroids and other objects now pushed out to the asteroid belt

"Every 180 years Mars passed close to the earth in orbit. When a planet that big comes that close it involves crustal tides of 85 feet! The ancient cities of Troy, etc. were rebuilt from their rubble seven times! Mars rising at 50 times the size of the moon causing these crustal and ocean tides. Lightning and destruction followed and I'm sure that many who didn't understand the galaxy like we do today, worshipped this phenomenon because of it's power and danger. Satan used this to control the populations through the spiritual leaders and draw people away from the True God who wrote in the Torah not to worship the physical things because they are created things too. We are to worship the One True God only, because He made it all." - From Chuck Missler's Teaching of Mars.

If destroyed, that planet between Jupiter and Mars, the impact of the debris would have hit Mars on the same side and probably destroyed any atmosphere. This is probably what caused the orbital resonance of the solar system to change and brought about the changed orbit in Mars that caused it to come within close proximity to the Earth at times in their orbits and caused the people of Earth to worship the planet as the war god Mars. Eventually, the resonance of the solar system settled to what
it is today, but the asteroid field remained like a ring of debris marking where the orbit of the planet was.

Combine this with the thousands of reported UFO sightings and cases of alien abductions, and the Biblical accounts of non-humans (fallen angels) mating with human women to produce Nephilim, and our ancient history comes a little more into focus, I believe. Read UFOs, Aliens & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception If Lucifer once walked among the planets, then who's to say he and his fallen angels
aren't what Hollywood would dub "aliens?" They aren't from this planet, right? Given their reptilian nature and the seed of the serpent, I think there may be a link to these odd structures on Mars.

At Arcturi you will find more pictures of Mars and the site that many people view as an ancient city, Cydonia.

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UFOs and the Grey Alien Agenda: Arcturi Investigation Series Part 5

Part 5 of the exciting conclusion to the discovering of the Grey Alien agenda. This section talk more about the psychological and emotional side to abductions. Many of the abductees seem to be susceptible to "absorption", in which the individual is exceptionally moved by their imagination. However, it seems many of those abducted had genuinely believed their experience and were "telling the Truth."

Please go here to read more about the Grey Alien Agenda!


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UFOs and the Grey Alien Agenda: Arcturi Investigation Series Part 4

Arcturi fans we are please to present you with Part 4 of our Arcturi Investigation Series of the Grey Agenda. Special thanks to the History Channel and Youtube! This one really gets into the abduction crazy and examines the question "what is really going on with abductions?"

Merry Christmas From Arcturi

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UFOs and the Grey Alien Agenda: Arcturi Investigation Seriers Part 3

Here is part three of the investigation. This one talks about Project Blue Book and Governments involvement. Enjoy. Many Thanks to the History Channel.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UFOs and the Grey Alien Agenda: Arcturi Investigation Seriers Part 2

Part 2 of our Investigation series on the Grey Alien Agenda. This chapter goes more into the beginning of Abduction accounts with the Betty and Barney Hill incident, which went on to spark millions of similar experiences across the world. PLease click here for more info on Grey Aliens.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

UFOs and the Grey Alien Agenda: Arcturi Investigation Series Part 1

Here is a comprehensive study of the Grey Alien Agenda, courtesy of the history channel. We highly recommend all researchers watch the video and see the evidence for yourself.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How were the Grey's Aliens Created


Related Reptilian Alien Articles:
Many people are unaware of the origins about the race that continually surprises Earth with abductions, close encounters, UFO sightings and mythical stories.

The Grey race of aliens also come from the star Alpha Draconis like the Reptilian Aliens. In order to better understand how and why the Grey aliens exist, we must first look at the Reptilian race of aliens.

The Reptilians began from an early age to perfect the different biological technologies that were possible in the 3rd dimension. As they evolved through time, their physical bodies began to change and began to exist in different planes of existence. Because this happened their form of nutrition became what we call "negative energy" (In contrast, Arcturian Aliens feed off positive forms of energy). Because the population began to grow in numbers beyond their capabilities to maintain their current population size, they decided to create an "evil race" of aliens that would be able to produce negative energy for their ingestion. Much like the cloning that we are trying to accomplish here on Earth the Reptilian Aliens began to create a race of aliens for their personal gain. Essentially, they were creating a slave race of aliens to ensure the progression of their own Reptilian race through the ingestion of the evil energy the Greys emit.

However, much like the Carians, the Reptilian Aliens did not expect to have a full race of aliens completely revolt and turn against their creators. The Grey Aliens became powerful enough to wage wars against the oppressive reign of a Reptilian government and make their way into the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Because the Grey aliens do not have a home and also consume negative energy like their creators they made their way to the only planet that was not powerful enough to repel their armies. On a mission to use Earth's humans to feed (evil energy), they sent for their entire race and starships; however, when they arrived in the outer limits of our solar system they were met with the Arcturian Starship Athena. Only a select few made it through the lines and were able to strike deals with Earthly governments to conduct experiments in order to some day create a slave race of humans for the Grey race, whom sit outside our solar system waiting for the right time to strike.

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Introduction to Crop Circles

Another interesting unexplained phenomenon, and sign of possible extra terrestrial intelligence comes in the form of crop circles. Crop circles have long been the interest of paranormal investigation. These mysterious designs seem to pop out of no where in elaborate circles, patterns, and messages. Even more mysteriously, these circles seem to appear out nowhere, in every part of the world.

Many have tried to write off crop circles as a hoax setup by elaborate pranksters. However, even attempts to recreate these circles with cameras and media are somewhat disappointing compared to the accuracy, scale, and detail of the unexplained circles. These circles have been found in not only fields of rye, oats, flax, maize, sugar cane, peas, potatoes but also grass, sun flowers, rice patties, and even ice.

However, if these circles are indeed real then other questions must be asked:

An extra terrestrial life form must indeed have the desire to reveal themselves. Why would they chose this format rather than another, for example a book, cloud formation, or direct contact (unless of course there is some kind of alliance which does not allow these beings to reveal themselves)?

What do these circles mean?

Are these crop circles being left by helpful extra terrestrials(Artcurians, Pelidians, Sirians) or perhaps by malevolent aliens(Grays, Reptilians?

For more info on this and other topics go to

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UFO Spotted over Ontario California December 13th 2009

Cigar Shaped UFO spotted in California presented by

All the new reports in the Los Angeles area are going crazy over a Unidentified flying object spotted over Ontario, California, a suburb to the East of Los Angeles. Local paper the daily bulletin attracted a lot of attention when publishing the article online the next day (read it here). It seems news organizations ranging from KTLA, a popular local news channel to the Chicago Tribune got a part of the UFO frenzy airing the story to millions.

Local resident and eye witness Edgar Gonzalez states, "When news organizations report a story about Southern California residents, they immediately assume people from around here are really 'out there.' I know what I saw, and I have never seen anything like it. Period."

The reports seem to indicate the sighting of a "cigar shaped" UFO. Some attribute cigar shaped UFOs to the race of aliens referred to as Greys.

The Brotherhood of the All

It is known that the Arcturian Aliens look to the teachings of a higher being(s), similar to our earthly obsession with an Almighty Power that rules and reigns over all the nations of the Earth. These beings are called The Brotherhood of the All, and are said to exist in a spiritual plain that the Arcturians continually try to achieve. Evidently, Arcturians have progressed into the 5th and 6th dimensional planes of existence to find the peace, love and harmony that brings them one step closer to the Brotherhood of the All.

Because there is little knowledge about these benevolent and spiritual beings, it is hard to truly describe who they are and where they come from. It seems as though they have a god sense to their existence, yet different beings, like the Arcturians, are able to achieve a similar “god like state,” which would imply that a god like figure wouldn’t necessarily exist within the Brotherhood of the All.

The teaching of the Brotherhood of the All clearly entail the positive emotions that many humans know as Love, Sex, Joy, Kindness, Caring, Patience, Romance, Desire and Faith. Expression of these emotions allows Arcturians to further their “acsension;” however, the greatest difficulty for those who want to join the spiritual planes of the Brotherhood of the All is taking these positive emotions and manifesting them into the very soul of their being. Also, they must have the mental & spiritual discipline to block and eliminate negative emotions that we know as: Hate, Jealousy, Anger, Resentment, Pride, and Sorrow.

The more we try to understand the higher levels of existence and the emulating of these great beings, it is hard to ignore our Earthly ties to the teaching of our God and how he continually seeks to improve our inner beings through the positive emotions outlined above.

Read more about the Brotherhood of the All Here

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Arcturi: Investigation Lights Over Norway - Russian Connection

The following is video shows yet ANOTHER mysterious spiral shape. This time the anomaly is seen over Russia in January 2007. If the missile theory holds true then it seems Russia is ready for some serious conflict.

Here is another video from Russia which features what is said to be a bizarre cloud formation.

What can we deduce from all this video evidence? Certainly there is some paranormal activity happening in the Norwegian region and Russia. "Experts" seem quick to point out explanations that are palatable with our modern world. However, the mounds of evidence continue to pile up and people are demanding the Truth!

View original Lights here.

View second light show here.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is there Extra Terrestrial Life Elsewhere?

Epicurus wrote that statement some 23 centuries ago, and today such a statement is back in the spotlight. With Modern technology we are able to see much father in space.

Outside our solar system we have now discovered more that 365 Planets. In the Milkyway Galaxy there are more than 100 billion stars and those stars all possess the possibility of harboring planetary systems of their own. With astronomers gazing into the far reaches of our galaxy, they hope to find Earthlike planets, and perhaps, some with all the making of life!

The launch of NASA's Kepler spacecraft last March is proof the the fast growing curisosity of finding Earthlike Planets in our Galaxy. Some estimate that there must be billions of Earthlike Planets throughout the Milkyway. Kepler's mission is to keep watch over 100,000 stars for signs of Earth-size planets.

Planet Facts:
It took humans thousands of years to explore our own planet and centuries to comprehend our neighboring planets. Today we fare much better, in fact, we find a new planet almost every week! Amid such exotica amongst the new planets we have discovered, scientists are eager to find a hint of a familiar planet(s) resembling Earth.

If scientist to day were to spot an Earth like Planet, what would that mean in terms of finding life, even advanced forms of life. Plants and Bacteria are one thing, but what about Human-like beings, Grey Aliens, Little Green Men, The Good Stuff!

"Biological evolution is so inherently unpredictable that even if life originated on a planet identical to Earth at the same time life started here, it is safe to say that life on that planet would almost certainly be very different." - Timothy Ferris National Geographic

Although these questions about Aliens and Earth-like planets remain unanswered, we are confident that with today's technology we will slowly learn more about the heavens and seek the truth to our origins. Until them we will continue to gaze into the stars above and wonder who is looking down at us!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lights Over Norway Arcturi Investigation Series: Another UFO over Norway December 10th, 2009


This is a video of another UFO (see original here)over Norway, this one recorded on December the 10th one day after the famous December the 9th sighting. This sighting was seen by considerably less people. The video does seem to look more like a projectile then the other which resembles a portal of some kind.

If these videos show Russian missile tests going wrong then we can deduce a few things. Russia is getting ready for a global conflict and we could see a nuclear end of the world coming soon. Additionally, Russia needs to work on its missile firing capabilities!

If these videos display some kind of inter-dimensional portal or vortex then it could be possible these UFOs are using these portals to travel between dimensions. It could be possible that these are wormholes opening up at various size depending on either the speed or size of vehicle entering the space.

Join the investigation here.

Here is actual video evidence of NASA and some of their many dealings with UFOs. Arcturi readers will be quick to note that these recordings are note a joke or prank by any means. In light of the recent events in Norway, I think its important to point out that cover ups are quite obvious and readily done by the governing authorities. The question is why would they cover up this information?


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Lights Over Norway: An Investigation: Wormholes and Einstein

The following is a terrific video thanks for the history channel with a bit more in-depth information on Wormholes and the possibilities of inter-galactic travel. It seems that the events witnessed over Norway on December 9th have all the characteristics of a wormhole briefly opening.

Watch the original video here.

For more information on Reptilians and Wormholes click here.

Arcturi: Investigation of Lights Over Norway

As part of an ongoing investigation to find the truth, follows up on the original story.

Large Alien object seen over Norway. Could this be a sign from outer space and other civilizations? Experts agree this is more than a probable cause!

The video above is the strange light phenomenon that occurred at the fall of night on December 9th, 2009. Experts agree that the cause could not be the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. Some say the lights are some kind of Russian Missile test gone wrong. However, many experts state that a missile of this size and magnitude would be quite impossible to leave these effects. Could these lights be a sign of the end of the world?

A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel that connects two different points in time and space. A journey from the far reaches of our galaxy would take far less time if traveled through a wormhole. It is believed that many alien races have discovered the technology that stabilizes and controls these “star gates.

Cover Up: Could it be possible that the cover up story is to deflect the truth? We think so! Why? A few things clearly remain undetermined: Scientists cannot explain what it is, why would Russia test a warhead when Obama is receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for wanting to rid the world of Nuclear Weapons, and the low media attention this is getting.

From the videos that have been shown of the lights, it is quite similar to a vortex/wormhole opening up.

Aliens Coming From A Distant Galaxy:

No one would believe that a race of aliens traveling millions of light years would have the desire to jump out of space just to destroy us. If so, those are some evil little demons. However, what if an advance race of aliens have shown up and they opened their wormholes to begin the process of helping our civilization coupe with Earth's pending doom on December 21, 2012?

There could be countless reasons why aliens would finally show us the evidence that they are here but until we are all shown the truth it will be left to the skeptics to try and figure out what is going on behind the secret curtain of the world government

Read more about the Investigation and the possible causes HERE.

Read about the December 10ths Wormhole here.

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K' inich Janaab' Pakal Mayan Ruler and Ancient Astronaut


K'inich Janaab' Pakal was a Mayan ruler of the Pre-Classic Mayan Civilization. While his 68 years or ruling, Pakal was responsible for the construction or extension of some of Palenque's most notable surviving inscriptions and monumental architecture.

Before his name was deciphered from Maya inscriptions, this ruler has been known by many nicknames and approximations, common ones including Pakal (or Pacal), "Sun Shield", "8 Ahau", and (familiarly) as "Pacal the Great".

Pakal ascended the throne at age 12 on July 29, 615, and lived to the age of 80. The name pakal means "shield" in the Maya language.

When Pakal came into rule, he saw the opportunity of expansion and Palenque's power in the western part of the Maya states. Pakal initiated a building program at his capital that produced some of Maya civilization's finest art and architecture.

The large carved stone sarcophagus lid (above image) in the Temple of Inscriptions is a famous piece of Classic Maya art. The commonly accepted interpretation of the
sarcophagus lid is that Pakal is descending into Xibalba, the Maya underworld. Around the edges of the lid are glyphs that represent the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and various
constellations, locating this (Pakal descending) event in the nighttime sky.

Below him is the Maya water god, who guards the underworld.

Read more about Pakal Here

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Alien visitors over Norway in the form of a Spiral Light

Large Alien object seen over Norway last night. Could this be a sign from outer space and other civilizations? Experts agree this is more than a probable cause!

This strange light phenomenon at the fall of night on December 9th, 2009. Experts agree that the cause could not be the northern lights or the aurora borealis. Some say the lights are some kind of Russian Missile test gone wrong. However, many experts state that a missile of this size and magnitude would be quite impossible to leave these effects. Could these lights be a sign of the end of the world?

First Concrete Alien Sighting! Blood Rain

Very interesting video displaying actual scientific evidence of what could actually be called the world's first extra terrestrial finding. Spooky as well as it relates to Armageddon and the end of the world!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A wave higher than Nelson's Column and travelling faster than a jet aircraft will
devastate the eastern seaboard of America and inundate much of southern Britain, say scientists who have analysed the effects of a future volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands.

A massive slab of rock twice the volume of the Isle of Man would break away from the island of La Palma and smash into the Atlantic Ocean to cause a tsunami - a monster wave - bigger than any recorded. Most of the wave's energy, equivalent to the combined output of America's power stations for six months, would travel westwards to the American coast but enough would be flicked north towards the English Channel to cause catastrophic coastal damage.

A computer model has been designed to show the way the tsunami will build after the volcano, called Cumbre Vieja, erupts on La Palma, at the western end of the Spanish island chain. It describes the almost unimaginable scale of an event that the scientists say could happen at any time within the foreseeable future. "We're looking at an event that could be decades or a century away - but there
will be a degree of warning beforehand," said Simon Day, of the Benfield Greg
Hazard Reseach Centre at Univeristy College London.

Most of the rocky western flank of Cumbre Vieja is unstable enough to be
dislodged in the next big eruption of the volcano, which is active enough to
explode at least once or twice a century. Its last big event was in 1949.
Such a landslide from a future eruption could travel up to 60 kilometres (37 miles) from La Palma's coast, causing the formation and then collapse of a dome of water 900 metres (3,000ft) high and tens of kilometres wide. The bow of this collapsing dome of water would become a giant wave, but also, as the landslide continued to move underwater, a series of crests and troughs would soon generate the "wave train" of the tsunami.

With the leading wave in front and crests pushing it on behind, it would sustain the power for the nine-hour journey to the American east coast.

To Read the rest of the story click HERE

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Hall of Records: Guatemala (Edgar Cayce)


Brigham Young University archaeologists set out to Piedras Negras (Black Rocks), an old Mayan
city that has been enclosed by the jungles of Central America, in hopes to find evidence of Edgar Cayce’s
mention of the Hall of Records (These records are said to have the history of our human past and the
instructions of pyramid building).

Four seasons were spent in the jungles of Guatemala in order to obtain facts and evidence of this famous chamber, which contained the records. As stated by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. “Due to the unstable nature of the building materials, they were unable to completely penetrate to the core of the building. This portion of the site (South Group) and the Acropolis area are the most likely locations for the Hall of Records according to clues given by Cayce in the readings. Additional excavations were performed during 2000 within the Acropolis and, as in the past, were hampered by large piles of debris left at the site by the University of Pennsylvania’s digs in the 1930s.”

Because of its remote location and unbearable jungle terrain that makes excavations difficult, BYU has decided not to re-visit the site but remain in the lab and study the stones that were found in the Mayan ruins. Although they did not find any solid evidence of the existence of the Hall of Records, archaeologists conclude, based off the clues Edgar Cayce gives, that Piedra Negras is the most likely place that the Mayan Hall of Records may be located.

As the Guatemalan Government continues to use American based research money to improve the old Mayan ruins for tourists, these sites will become more popular and will give more probability to the finding of the Hall of Records in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Friday, December 4, 2009

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The leading historical experts of the day have been able to identify a close match between Reptilians and wormholes. The savior gods almost every ancient religion have been denoted by bearded serpents. The research of many historians and mythologists (particularly the great William Henry) have determined that these historical serpent kings are often associated with having knowledge of wormholes and star gates.

A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel that connects two different points in time and space. A journey from the far reaches of our galaxy would take far less time if traveled through a wormhole. It is believed that many alien races have discovered the technology that stabilizes and controls these “star gates.”

The existence of wormholes was discovered by Albert Einstein in 1916 as a part of the theory of special relativity. Albert Einstiens’ theories were proven correct with the discovery of the black hole, a gravitational field around a spherically non-rotating mass compacted into a dense point. The zero point of a black hole has been determined to be so dense neither light, time, nor space can escape the field of gravity created by it. A second equation of Einstien allows for the opposite to a black hole, also known as a white hole. Scientists concluded that a blackhole consisted of the “entrance” of matter and the whitehole consisted of the “exit” point of matter. Thus this region of “flat” time and space mathematically creates a perfect conduit between to separate parts of the universe.

Evidence seems to indicate that the ancient serpent gods had the ability to manipulate and even create wormholes connecting two places in time and space. Ancient art often depicts these bearded kings coercing and influencing different spirals and portals. Below are a few of the compelling art pieces that give us evidence of these findings.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alien Grabs a Boy in Mexico from Behind a Pole Video

Could this possibly be real footage of an alien grabbing a boy from Mexico? Many experts have reviewed the evidence and believe the video could indeed be real. Evidence against the video shows a skip in the footage as if the camera man moves forward several feet. Additionally, the alien appears to come out of nowhere as if coming from another dimension. However, the real evidence comes not from what is obvious, but from the actions of the boys. Experts have identified their reactions as legitimate fear. The boy from Mexico swears the video which he captured with his cell phone is 100% real. With all of the UFO and alien evidence that comes from Mexico one has to wonder is this an actual video of an alien?

2012 The End of the World and the Mayan Calandar

Special thanks to the history channgel for this fantastic video concerning the events of December 21, 2012
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who Are The Arcturian Aliens?

From the start of Edgar Cayce's remarks about the most advanced alien race in our galaxy, believers from around the world now look to know more about this mysterious race of aliens.
Who are they? Why do they stay hidden? These questions are just the beginning of an array of questions that now ponder the mind of thousands of people.

The Arcturians are an alien race that hails from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation. Arcturus orbits our solar system at approximately 36 light years from our solar system.

Who Are the Arcturians?

Arcturians are the most advanced civilization (alien) in the galaxy, transcending into the 4th and 5th dimensions. These higher beings exists mostly in a spiritual plane subjugated by thought and pure consciousness. The central belief system that sustains the Arcturian is a philosophy of healing and compassion for the universe. The Arcturian civilization is governed by elders of whom only the most spiritually advanced are included.

What do Arcturians Look Like?

An Arcturians typically stand from approximately three to four feet in height. The members of this great race typically have a greenish blue skin and unmistakable large oval eyes. Their hands have only three digits (as opposed to our human 5) subsequently are able to accomplish a great deal with their telepathic minds. The Arcturian life Span is generally thought to be 350-400 years from the information we have gathered.

The entirety of the Arcturians life purpose is for
spiritual development. All jobs occupations and tasks are designated by that individual’s spiritual journey. The arcturians do not eat like we do, but rather consume positive forms energy. They are the most intellectually acute species known and one of the most caring.

The Arcturians have long served as guardians of Earth. Protecting us from other civilizations with advanced space vehicles. They long to assist our earthly spiritual development and move us into the 4th dimension and expand our spiritual understanding.

Where do Arcturians come from?

The Arcturians originate from the constellation Bootes. Although many think that Arcturians come from Arcturus, this is a mis-understanding and must be known that Arcturus is a star much like our sun; however, much larger in diameter, mass, and energy.

Arcturians are believed to come from an orbiting celestial body that has not been discovered by earthly astronomers.

Edgar Cayce's prediction: A clue provided by Cayce that astronomers have not yet taken up the discovery of the revolution of the solar system around a star system composed of Arcturus and the Pleiades

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starship Athena: An Arcturian Alien Spaceship

Set out to protect Earth, Athena is now known to be the most powerful and most advanced
starship in the Galaxy.

"Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy."

Starship Athena is an Arcturian Starship that has been said to be the most advanced and
feared ship in the galaxy. For this reason, Arcturians have been able to protect and prevent any
invasion of our planet Earth from evil races.

One incident, had Grey aliens discoing the plentiful sources of negative energies throughout
planet earth and sent word so their entire race could find a new home. As they entered the outer
limits of our Solar System the Starship Athena waited patiently cloaked and ready to repeal the
unwanted race of Grey’s. Seen as an opportunity the
Reptilians sent for a fleet of their own war
ships to combat the Athena in hopes that an alliance with the Grey’s ships would ensure victory;
however, as fast as they came to fight, every Grey and Reptilian vessel was either repealed or
destroyed by the powerful Athena and its ability to sustain an immense defensive shield and
offensive weaponry that can only be described as extraterrestrial.

This Starship in particular is unique in may aspects ranging from its fifth dimensional position
and its etheric occupants who captain the great vessel. It is known to be fueled by illuminated
crystals. These crystals have forces that can channel energy as massive as our celestial star
(Sun) and propel the ship for millennia. These crystals are found in a planet, in our Milky Way
Galaxy, not discovered by modern man. It also has a special room, the size of a football
stadium, which has the ability to take any crew member back to the Arcturian home planet in his
etheric (magical) body.

Athena is also home to the most advanced databases of Universal information. This database
has information regarding Earth life and life throughout the other Milky Way Galaxy planets.
Arcturians are able to ingest information by means of their telepathic abilities. This process is
similar to ingesting food but it occurs on an energy level. They are able to assimilate information
one hundred times faster than the average human being on Earth and is the reason why they
outgrew the need for using computers/electronics.

Making Athena one of the most advanced ships in the Galaxy is the occupants that inhabit the
great war vessel. Although Arcturians are a peaceful race that believe in a higher plain of living,
it is still necessary for them to possess starships capable of defending other races in in need
as well as their home Planet(s). Because they do not ingest food like we do they are able to
sustain their bodies through meditation. This also eliminates the need for sleep and other
limiting functions that Human, Greys, and
Reptilian bodies need.