Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ancient Aliens in "The Crucifixion" Painting by Jacques Legrand

This painting by Jacques Legrand contains some amazing references to ancient aliens. The image is held at Chantilles Museum, and was painted by this French Artist in 1350. The images are significant as they seem to contain UFO type "sky-pods" with astronauts piloting them. These craft seem to include levers for the men to pilot them. Some argue that these objects are hot air balloons, yet balloons had not yet been invented at this time.

To add to this ancient alien mystery the inscription on the painting reads: "It is here at the opportune time."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Man Points Out Secret Underground Extra Terrestrial/ Human Bases

Here, Alex Collier talks about the location of secret underground Alien/ Human bases around the world. This video is fascinating for several reasons.

1. Alex give the location of suspected alien bases that have been verified by many individuals.
2. The gentleman calls for other humans who are experiencing these same events to bring forth their information the government is covering up.
3. Alex claims that he has been aboard the andromedan mothership and describes it in detail.

Alleged photo of an underground base in the US

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Massive UFO around Sun Emitting a Beam of Energy

Yet Another MASSIVE UFO seen around flying very close to the sun. This one is of particular interest as it seems to be emitting a beam of light or energy. We have seen much recent activity surround our sun lately, from increase solar activity and sun spots to actual massive objects observed flying near our sun.

If this video is for real (and we have no reason to think its a fake, far too odd for someone to fake this), then the implications are incredible. Perhaps 2012 will be more then a shift in consciousness, and will enable these massive spaceships. Could the Arcturians be watching us, utilizing the energy of the sun with this great emission beam? The starship Athena is said to be powered by the energy of these solar centers and this seems to be proof of some form of this process.

NASA has yet to comment on these latest bits of information. Last time around they said it was an equipment malfunction!?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

David Ike talks about Consciousness and Going With the Flow of Life

David Ike here in rare form talks about the inner truth of going with the flow of Life. Here he describes how to maneuver through the obstacles of life and fulfill your purpose by changing your perspective.

David Ike is known for his conspiracy theories and vast resources on information about Reptilian aliens and their bloodlines in the ruling classes of society. Knowing the enemy is an important part of what Ike teaches and being able to transcend the programs created by society and truly be free.

We highly encourage our readers to check out Children of the Matrix. In this David Ike classic, Ike tells readers how to escape the unseen forces that control the world you are born into. Ike states that only by breaking free from this emotion cell can we live as we were truly meant to!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lost City of Atlantis Discovered on Google Earth

Sometimes technology can be a wonderful blessing - Google Earth users have successfully discovered a portion of what could possibly be the Lost City of Atlantis. The Lost City of Atlantis was first written about by Plato and was said to exist around 9000B.C. It is very possible that Atlantis was also part of older traditions then Plato.

Here is a section of Plato's dialogue with Timaeus:

For it is related in our records how once upon a time your State stayed the course of a mighty host, which, starting from a distant point in the Atlantic ocean, was insolently advancing to attack the whole of Europe, and Asia to boot. For the ocean there was at that time navigable; for in front of the mouth which you Greeks call, as you say, 'the pillars of Heracles,' there lay an island which was larger than Libya and Asia together; and it was possible for the travelers of that time to cross from it to the other islands, and from the islands to the whole of the continent over against them which encompasses that veritable ocean. For all that we have here, lying within the mouth of which we speak, is evidently a haven having a narrow entrance; but that yonder is a real ocean, and the land surrounding it may most rightly be called, in the fullest and truest sense, a continent. Now in this island of Atlantis there existed a confederation of kings, of great and marvelous power, which held sway over all the island, and over many other islands also and parts of the continent

Many believe (including the great psychic Edgar Cayce) that the Atlantian race was a the most powerful elite society in the world. Other speculators point out that Nordic aliens from Aldebaran played a large role in Altantis and in the development of ancient cultures and technology.

The evidence presented here is very exciting and we look forward to more insights about this ancient alien city.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jay Z: Confirmed Reptilian Illuminati

Is multimillionaire/rapper/producer Jay-Z a Reptilian Alien? We think so. The evidence grows. The above video (Not Safe for Work Lyrics) shows some amazing occult and Illuminati connections. His ability to control matter seems to be uncanny. Observe Jay-Z's innate ability to amass fortunes, control people, obtain the beautiful women in the world (and desirable including Beyonce).

The pyramid seen all over this video is an important Illuminati symbol. Also said to be what the Reptilian gods of the ancients instructed them to build (yes, it goes back pretty far). You will notice as well the skull and cross bones, also a symbol of the Skull and Cross Bones Society of Yale. Interestingly, George Bush, along with many other presidents and other very powerful members of society belong to this elite group. Ask yourself this question, why would Jay-Z, a man who normally endorses going against the status quo, and would be generally thought of as a man that does not agree with former president George W Bush, have a shirt like the one seen below?

The power of the mind is tremendous. However, when used with the wrong reference point the effect can be seen to be dangerous. Know the Enemy - Arcturi

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tour of Alien Civilizations Around the Galaxy

Arcturian Aliens as depicted here. Arcturians differ in both their description of the race and phsyical looks depending on the role of the individual Arcturian. Picture below also depicts Arcturian beings, however, its likely this images makes them more humanoid in nature then their appearance. Also featured is a Grey Alien.

Our next extra terrestrial race hails from the Pleiades star cluster. These Pleiadians are very humanoid and Nordic in looks.

Next we have an image of an Andromedan female. This depiction shows the advancement of the races as they are humanoid but have distinct features, such as elongated brain, and large eyes much like the Greys.

Below we have an image of Sirian beings coming from the solar system of Sirius, one of the brightest stars for us here on Earth.

Lastly we have an image of a Reptilian coming from Alpha Draconis.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UFO seen by Pilot of 2 Planes and Over 20 Passengers

This week we are focusing on reliable accounts of extra ordinary events. Today is certainly no exception.

The report comes from April 2007, when Pilot Ray Bowyer was flying from South Hampton to Alderney. The pilot give his account here in the video above of seen a massive UFO.

This story is significant to our research for several reasons.

The testimony is solid. Pilots are not only trained observers but also trusted witnesses. Everyday commercial airline pilots are entrusted with the lives of hundreds of people. Being that these individuals are not only trusted but great observers makes the accounts bullet proof. Additionally, Bowyer reports to have seen this object for more then 12 minutes dismissing "corner of the eye claims".

The object Ray Bowyer saw seems to be a HUGE ufo. In the video the UFO is said to be possibly over a mile in length. This is important as we do not to limit our research to speculation about UFOs and Grey Aliens. Massive UFOs belong to races of aliens able to travel interstellar space and beyond our dimensional awareness.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Stargate: Gulf of Aden - Enlisted Serviceman Talks About His Experience

More Stargates seem to be opening up all the time these days and the Gulf of Aden is no exception. Here we have an informative video from Aaron McCollum.

Many of these reports seem to be true. It seems that more then 70 countries have been verified to have sent naval fleets to this location.

The Following is a list of fleets reported to be in the gulf of Aden currently:
Australia (1), Bulgaria (1), Canada (1), China (13), Danmark (2), France (4+), Germany (2), Greece (1), India (3), Iran (6), Italy (1), Japan (7), South Korea (1), Malaysia (1), Netherlands (1), Pakistan (?), Portugal (1+), Saudi Arabia (?), Russia (5), Singapore (1), Spain (2), Sweden (3), Turkey (2), Great Britain (1), USA (1 Fleet), New Zealand (?).

Keep in mind these are Frigate class warships, not small coast guard type operations. Now I do not know about you, but as much of a threat as the Somalian pirates are, I cannot see them being THIS big of an issue.

Therefore the question remains. What is going on in the Gulf of Aden? What are the possible solutions?

- Stargate like Mr. McCollum suggests
- The beginning of World War III with Iran and the mid East nearby.


Friday, March 5, 2010


What we have here is an actual depiction of a Grey Alien Hybrid being caught by the secret service in an effort to cover up the existence of Aliens. Some pretty astounding evidence it seems indeed.

Where did they take this brave pioneer? One can only hope for the best! Have a Great Weekend - Arcturi

Very special thanks to our loyal Arcturi readers for this great photo!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Astronaut Ed Mitchell Confirms Alien Existence

In a July 2008 interview with Ed Mitchell, Apollo astronaut, Kerrang Radio discovers the truth about extra terrestrial life. Ed Mitchell discusses the fact of alien existence as well as the cover up done by the governments of the world. The staff at Arcturi would like to point out that Ed mentions being briefed on these extra terrestrials.

While the information here is certainly nothing new to our Arcturi readers, the position held by this astronaut makes the case extremely significant.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reptilians Mastermind David Ike talks about Reptilians Bloodlines

Here is some nice information presented by David Ike on the Reptilian Bloodlines. Just a basic introduction for those not familiar with the Reptilian race and how they often manifest in today's society.

David also points out how the Bush family along with the British Monarchy follow a specific set of interbreeding. Even more fascinating is Princess Diana role in the Reptilian conspiracy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

CERN Hadron Collider to Smashing UP Particles Again

The scientist at the CERN Hadron Collider expect to be creating situations similar to Mini Big Bangs again by 4/10/2010. The CERN Hadron Collider is the world's largest of its kind enabling scientists to manipulate matter at very high levels of energy and study them. The goal is to recreate conditions close to that of the Big Bang. By doing this the scientists hope to unlock the mysteries of the universe and find the theorized Higgs Boson (or the God Particle), which describes how particles have mass.

When the particle accelerator first started smashing "stuff" up, it was accelerating particles to an energy level of 2.36 Teraelectronvolts (TeV). The scientist want to now see what they can do by increasing the energy 7.0TeV.

Last time the CERN shut down was for technical reasons. Spokesman James Giles said: "It's too early to say precisely what happened, but it seems to be a faulty electrical connection between two magnets that stopped superconducting, melted and led to a mechanical failure and let the helium out."

Melting superconductors... Great! While the scientists are CERN indicate there is nothing to fear, speculation has long debated that the advanced atom smashing they are doing could equal trouble as we manipulate the basic elements of our universe. Advocacy groups have even been started to protest and legally stop the advances at CERN.

Irishman Ron Ambiguous, reported to have been abducted by Grey Aliens and told that the CERN Hadron Collider would produce two blackholes and end the world as we know it. Others have speculated that CERN could open up a Stargate as in Einstein's speculations which would allow interstellar travel (by us or extra terrestrials).

Whatever the case, I say FIRE IT UP! Higgs boson - Terrific. Black Hole that ends the world - Not cool but at least we all get to see what is next at the same time. Interstellar travel - Sign me up!