Monday, May 2, 2011

Grey Alien Video Taped?

The preceding contains what claims to be a leaked set of footage from the US government taken sometime between 1940 and 1962. Certainly a time frame when much of the first encounters were going down. A couple interesting notes about this video.

1. Many are claiming this video to be a CGI, and it certainly gives off this appearance.
2. Many of our correspondents at Arcturi whom have had contact with Grey Aliens, say that this is the real deal in terms of what a Grey Alien looks like. They claim that if it were a CGI it was certainly designed by a contactee that knows in detail the Grey Alien life form.
3. There is a strange bit of film at the end of the video which is hard to describe. If it were a fake, it seems odd to include this section of the video.

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