Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deep Space Space Craft: Possible first Image of Starship Athena

This is a great video shared with one of our facebook friends. The object of the video is to clearly show that there are some objects out in folks do not want us to know about. Amateur astronomer, John Leonard Walson, captures these amazing objects from his backyard telescope. While John is an avid astronomer and has some rudimentary equipment, he is by no means a professionally funded operation. Interesting that John is able to capture these unique shapes, structures, and images, yet we do not see them elsewhere. If you notice, you can see the telescope making slight adjustments as an amateur astronomer will do with knobs to focus on the objects at hand.

While some of these images could be nebulous objects, other appear to be massive craft. If you look at the light ship at 4:41 the craft closely resembles descriptions of the Star Ship Athena. Read more about the Starship Athena and its role protecting earth and our development.


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