Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strange Propeller like Object Found in the Kuiper Belt

Astronomers have discovered what is said to be a strange propeller-like object in the Kuiper Belt. This discovery slightly baffles scientists as according to current theories of astrophysics and planetary formation, space objects do not take this form. Dr Pedro Lacerda said at a Meeting of the European Planetery Science Congress that the object resembled that of an hourglass.

The space propeller is tilted at 90 degrees as it orbits our solar center. Scientists believe this distribution to be odd, but also claim in this article that this could be a common occurance in the galaxy. However, only one other asteroid has been found with a similar tilt.

Given the nature of the information we put forward on Arcturi, we do not want to claim that this object is clearly an extra terrestrial artifact or satellite monitoring the earth (while this is a possibility). However, we would like to put forward several anomalies recently discovered:

The mysterious X shaped object

Massive UFOs orbiting close to the sun

The mysterious Orbit of Large Object or Planet X Supposedly flinging Comets into closer orbit

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