Monday, October 8, 2012

Boomerang UFO communicates Los Angeles Witness

Yesterday, in Los Angeles a boomerang shaped UFO was spotted over Burbank, CA slightly north of downtown Los Angeles. The UFO is said to have communicated with an eye witness.

The witness explains the sighting: "I was taking a break from writing and went out to our rooftop for some fresh air, which has an excellent view of the mountains north of Burbank. I saw this white object in the sky. It was very apparent."

 “At first I thought maybe an aeroplane, but it didn't appear to be moving so I called my wife. We grabbed our cameras and began to take video and photos of the object. I expected to see an airliner in the pictures, but it wasn't"

 “It hovered in one spot for about 5 minutes and then headed Northwest over the mountains."

Then the UFO began communications with the witness. “It was communicated to me, telepathically, that an orb had been released. It wasn't until we reviewed our photos later that we actually saw the orb in a photo. I felt calm and excited. As I have a connection with them and see craft frequently."

 This interesting sighting is noted on two accounts:

 1. The witness describes seeing craft frequently. With the hundreds of witnesses within the Arcturi community it is very common for contactees to have frequent and repeated sightings with these vehicles.

2. The witness seems to be calmed by the UFO sighting rather then frightened. This provides us with good evidence that the UFO sighted is the craft of a benevolent alien species. If this was a secret government craft then I highly doubt calm excited feelings would be the resulting emotion. In other sightings Reptilians and Grey sightings have sometimes been associated with terror.


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