Monday, November 30, 2009

Panama Alien Found

Cerro Azul, Panama, Alien Killed - On September 16 2009, an unidentified creature was found dead in Cerro Azul. According to eye witnesses, a few boys were playing on a hill and saw a creature near a cave opening. The creature was said to have ran towards the teenagers. Being scared, the boys began to hurl rocks and sticks at the creature which would lead to its untimely death.

Many Zoologists believe these photos can be explained by a couple of different possibilities. On one hand, some believe this is the a fetus of some kind. Others believe it could be a decaying body of an unidentified animal (do to the decomposition of the body).

The one problem these Zoologists see, is that their explanation of the corpse found does no coincide with the story of the teenage boys who said it was alive and ran towards them. No Panama authority has commented and the creature was taken in for further examination. No news has been reported.

Pictures and videos of the creature seem to tell the story of a dead alien that was hiding out in the
woods of Panama.

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