Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starship Athena: An Arcturian Alien Spaceship

Set out to protect Earth, Athena is now known to be the most powerful and most advanced
starship in the Galaxy.

"Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy."

Starship Athena is an Arcturian Starship that has been said to be the most advanced and
feared ship in the galaxy. For this reason, Arcturians have been able to protect and prevent any
invasion of our planet Earth from evil races.

One incident, had Grey aliens discoing the plentiful sources of negative energies throughout
planet earth and sent word so their entire race could find a new home. As they entered the outer
limits of our Solar System the Starship Athena waited patiently cloaked and ready to repeal the
unwanted race of Grey’s. Seen as an opportunity the
Reptilians sent for a fleet of their own war
ships to combat the Athena in hopes that an alliance with the Grey’s ships would ensure victory;
however, as fast as they came to fight, every Grey and Reptilian vessel was either repealed or
destroyed by the powerful Athena and its ability to sustain an immense defensive shield and
offensive weaponry that can only be described as extraterrestrial.

This Starship in particular is unique in may aspects ranging from its fifth dimensional position
and its etheric occupants who captain the great vessel. It is known to be fueled by illuminated
crystals. These crystals have forces that can channel energy as massive as our celestial star
(Sun) and propel the ship for millennia. These crystals are found in a planet, in our Milky Way
Galaxy, not discovered by modern man. It also has a special room, the size of a football
stadium, which has the ability to take any crew member back to the Arcturian home planet in his
etheric (magical) body.

Athena is also home to the most advanced databases of Universal information. This database
has information regarding Earth life and life throughout the other Milky Way Galaxy planets.
Arcturians are able to ingest information by means of their telepathic abilities. This process is
similar to ingesting food but it occurs on an energy level. They are able to assimilate information
one hundred times faster than the average human being on Earth and is the reason why they
outgrew the need for using computers/electronics.

Making Athena one of the most advanced ships in the Galaxy is the occupants that inhabit the
great war vessel. Although Arcturians are a peaceful race that believe in a higher plain of living,
it is still necessary for them to possess starships capable of defending other races in in need
as well as their home Planet(s). Because they do not ingest food like we do they are able to
sustain their bodies through meditation. This also eliminates the need for sleep and other
limiting functions that Human, Greys, and
Reptilian bodies need.


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