Monday, February 8, 2010

The Best Evidence for Shapeshifting Reptilian Bush and Reptilians in the Super Bowl

This one of the first video's documenting Reptilian shapeshifters in action. Many skeptics have comment that lighting and video tapering is what is at work here. However, experts have been able to find zero evidence of video tampering. Is it possible David Ike is right about these Reptilians in power?

Reptilians in the Superbowl XLIV, 2010

I was astounded while watching the Super bowl the staff here at Arcturi received numerous text messages and emails about evidence of Reptilians in the Super Bowl. There was distinctively three times when clear evidence of the Reptiles could be seen. The first time was with Emit Smith and the coin toss. The next time was when the referee would say "second down." (this happened several times). Lastly was on a CBS advertisement with Katie Couric, in which her eyes clearly show the distinctive Reptile signs.


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  1. Haha,... this just made my day thank you for posting this...