Thursday, February 18, 2010


Over 6000 UFO files were released this morning in the United Kingdom (UK). Most of these unidentified flying objects that have been secretly filed away were witnessed between 1981 and 1996. To your left you can see some of the sketches draw by up close eye witnesses and researchers.

This is an amazing development for extra terrestrial research. It seems these objects are seen by researchers as certainly not of this world with aircraft performing maneuvers no one on Earth could duplicate and survive. Here is the link with many of the UFO files. However, after a brief glimpse our computers at the Arcturi Staff stopped functioning. Now it appears the link is broken!

The images to the left are some taken from the files before they once again become off limits... Hopefully this site stays up...

The first image is of three distinct beings inside one of their craft. To all appearances they seem to be traditional Grey Aliens. Could be a haunting image for anyone who has gone through an abduction experience.

The next image is of the traditional "Flying Saucer." Here it is seen with some kind of light emitting from the bottom of the circular craft.

The next object is a very peculiar looking UFO. This craft does not seem to reflect any of the traditional "popular" UFO shapes. It seems this alien craft could belong to another race other then the Greys or be a larger mothership.

The next two objects look very familiar to anyone who studies Ufology. These objects seem to be cigar shaped UFOs. However, the small fins seem to be slightly misleading. Seeing them together seems to indicate they are not missiles.

On the last image, we cannot quite make out the text of how large the craft is, but it seems to be a rather large vessel.

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