Friday, April 9, 2010

Nephilim and Evolutionary Theory

Here is a terrific video, that discusses the origin on man kind verses evolutionary theory, made possible by one of our esteemed Arcturi followers. The video contains some rather odd skull fragments that have been discovered from around the planet and a short commentary about how a primate evolution would be impossible.

We can deduce possible origins of mankind on Earth as follows:

1. A supernatural creation event
2. The manipulation of the DNA structure of primates by either Extra Terrestrial Aliens, Nephilim, God, or some combination of these interested parties
3. A colonization project from another humanoid race.

Could the Nephilim be ancient Reptilian gods of the past looking to establish mankind for the purposes of power? Could benevolent aliens populating the Nordic regions of the galaxy have manipulated the DNA of primates to create another strong spiritually enlightened race? Your opinion is vital. If you have advanced knowledge on this subject please share!

For more on Ancient Aliens, and Ancient Astronaut Theory.

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