Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles as UFOs: The 4 Keys to Knowing the Difference

Switching gears a bit from Arcturian week, we turn to the topic of UFOs as both designed by terrestrial humans and the possibility of them being both terrestrials and extra terrestrial.

In 2004 Seiko Epson Corp was revealed at a Japanese trade show to be the world's lightest and smallest Unmanned Ariel Vehicle (UAV). At least the world's smallest and lightest we have heard of. Personally, I recall stories from a former employee of a government defense contractor telling me a technology that allowed them to mount a tiny camera in what looked like a dragon fly (and this was one of the stories he could tell me). This Mirco UAV is designed to carry a micro camera for usage of reconnaissance and evaluation in dangerous areas.

That turns our attention to larger UAVs. These advanced aircraft could be mistaken for UFOs quite easily. It is estimated a large amount of UFO sightings belong to UAVs seen near military bases. This provides skeptics with a answer for all of the government cover ups.

These aircraft are often designed to fly very high and very fast to avoid enemy detection. Therefore at Arcturi, we deem it necessary for you to be able to spot the difference.

1. UAVs are known to be used for surveillance and stealth, if the object is seen at night emitting light it is either a plane or a possible genuine extra terrestrial UFO.

2. If the sighting is near a known military base the object could be some type of test vehicle not yet revealed to the public.

3. UAVs are typically smaller then extra terrestrial craft

4. If the object moves at speeds beyond comprehension to our physical environment or seemingly disappears in thin air it is unlikely to be a UAV.



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