Saturday, July 17, 2010

UFO Activity over China Airports

UFO flying over Hangzhou China

We talked to Psychic Olba Leon about the recent UFO activity seen over China:

Arcturi: Why all this UFO activity in China?

Leon: China is goin through some kind of major political and economic changes that could represent a major shift in the powers of the Earth. I can't be specific to the details of the situation, only what I percieve.

Arcturi: To what type of Alien Race do these UFOs belong?

Leon: The video of the clearly seen UFO is a Grey Alien Craft. I cannot be sure about the other.

Arcturi: What do the Greys want with China?

Leon: Its not necessarily about the Grey Alien race. There is a lot of Extra Terrestrial activity in China right now, and the rest of the world. The Grey race is actually not as advanced as some of the other races, therefore their methods of getting attention are less subtle.

Arcturi: Was making itself known an intentional move on the part of this UFO?

Leon: I suspect so, being over an airport with knowledge that the media will see this is a likely sign the Greys are looking to make a move at taking some form of stage in world events.

Arcturi: Does this violate any terms of the Galactic Federation?

Leon: The Greys are not officialy a part of the Galactic Federation, however, I am sure the members of the federation would not approve of these actions. While I do not believe the Greys have a sinister intention here, they are certainly looking for some type of recognition.

Arcturi: What way do you see this going?

Leon: The Nordic races, such as the Pleiadians and the Andromedans would prefer the human race ascend to the next level of development through individual spiritual means, however, if action must be taken, then they will perhaps step in. Worst case senario is the Greys plotting a power move to establish themsevles on Earth.

Arcturi: Thank you for your time.

Leon: Thank you, blessings.


  1. They better not take power. This is our planet. Even if they claim to have planted us here or whatnot, it's still our planet from habitation. And how can we trust them to know all of the answers? They are obviously more superior than us, however, how long did it take them to evolve into such beings? They need to give us time. I would never give up my humanity to worship a alien being that forced it's way to power. I don't care how superior they are.

  2. Imagine you are the Greys, the race is dying, they have superior technology then ours. There last hope may be to put on a grand show... Many will be mislead unless the others have a say. Let us hope we are wise enough to avoid this!

  3. > The video of the clearly seen UFO is a Grey Alien Craft

    Now that all the images in the two videos have been identified as being helicoptors and a Russian missile, and that they were all online BEFORE the airport incident and therefore cannot be of the incident, we know this psychic is a fraud.

    See Forgetomori article "UFO over Hangzhou, China: a long exposé"

    Missile video: online June 30 2010

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