Thursday, July 22, 2010

UFO-USO Seen over Oil Spill Decending into Water

We have been hearing many reports of UFO/USOs being seen in the vincinity of the oil spill. This should come as no surprise as many of our extra terrestrial neighbors are interested in the health of the Earth. There is massive amounts of evidence that the very spot of the oil spill is linked to ancient civilizations on earth possible ones visited by the Pleiadians and Andromedans on a regular basis.

We have also heard theories that the Reptilians are behind this oil spill. There is a lot of evidence to suggest this is true. Oil traders are all pointing to the Reptilian control government purposefully delaying the clean up process and in the mean time gaining precious power.

Some strange clouds seem to be gathering over effected areas of the oil spill. Scientists seems to believe this could be an effect the added methane has on the enivonrment. We are not sure what they are, however, it does certainly appear to be mysterious.

It seems the Reptilians are becoming more bold in their approach to the media. Here the spokesman clearly states that their is a new Reptilian attitude in America. Quite a statement to be sure.

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  1. i would love a link to the second video, the youtube link is broken. this is terrible of what is happening to the sea