Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alien Artifacts of Gasdorf Germany

Check out this amazing video displaying these strange alien artifacts found underneath a Crop Circle in Gasdorf Germany. Test was done to the metals of the 3 alien artifacts to determine their characteristics. Researcher Morphman from Dubai elaborates:

Upon closer inspection of the crop circle one of the researchers Hesemann found 3 plates buried in the design: a bronze, silver and one gold plate. "Plate 1 (silver color) consisted mainly of quite pure silver with an additional ingredient accounting for less than 0.1%. The weight of the plate was 4.98kg (11lbs). Plate 2 (bronze color) consisted of a copper-tin alloy (of which the tin content amounted to 10%-15%), nickel and traces of iron amounting to less than 0.1%"

Amazingly this meant that the silver plate consisted of 99.9% pure silver, that's purer than sterling-silver!. Furthermore, a spectrographic analysis of both plates proved that they had not been made from a cast but from some kind of conglomerate of silver nuggets and natural copper and tin pieces of the type found in Germany’s Harz forest, not far from Grasdorf. They had been produced, either by heating up to a degree that partially melted the metals - or in a low-gravity environment. We are left with the question why would a hoaxer would go to such expensive lengths, in terms of cost and effort, to simply pull the wool over the eyes of the press and a few crop circle enthusiasts?"

Furthermore these plates were found in 1991. Were they giving humanity of signal of things to come? Could this be a star map like some suggest? The Crop circles certainly could represent various solar systems and possible planets within them.

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