Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Contactees and Abductees of Facebook

It never ceases to amaze me, or the other members of our staff at what technology has done to increase our information, in particular in relation to the extra terrestrials and other paranormal topics.

Having started this blog, we have been contacted by those who have made contact from across the globe. Social networking and the portal known as "the Internet" have made this communication possible. An amazing observation:

We have objectively discussed close encounters with extra terrestrials with people from across the globe. Not only do the stories compliment one another when dealing with UFOs, but individuals tell of consistencies that account for all kinds of alien life.

Two examples: I have heard abduction stories that speak of Nordic Alien (Pleiadian, Aldebaran, Sirian ect) contact from individuals living in Europe and individuals living in South America. Not only do the accounts ring true, but they contain the same messages from these great aliens races.

Another example and a more frightening one is of Reptilian Alien contact. Now I know some believers are skeptical of the Reptilian alien nation, or like to wish that this negative influence didn't exist. Through social networking we have been able to contact those whom have encountered Reptilian extra terrestrials and witnessed their influence on humanity. Interestingly, of two accounts from across the United States, both had witnessed Reptilian Hybrid programs (much like the Grey Alien agenda).

I am very excited to have joined the Contactee and Abductee group on facebook and look forward to many more insights into the Truth of the Great Universe we Live in! Please Join us here.


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