Thursday, November 11, 2010

13 Countries from Around the World Join the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life

In the search for Extra Terrestrial life the SETI Institute just recruited a 19 observatories across 5 continents with 13 nations participating. This new boost in detection power just started last week and brings with it some curious implications.

Read the full story about the added observatories here at the Washington Post

The article points out that the observatories will be directing their detection power to Star Systems of Tau Ceti and Epilson Eridani. These star systems were focused on 50 years ago by Drake and referred to as Project Ozma (after the Wizard of Oz).

Why would the proposed listeners focus in on a star system that was covered 50 years ago? What are the significance of these star systems? (Arcturi may have much more information on these star systems in the near future)

In other news NASA will be releasing news from the Chandra X Ray observatory will be releasing news on "Discovery of An Exceptional Object." The news will be released on Monday November the 15th at 12:30 EST. With all of these reports being issued one has to wonder if some level of official disclosure is coming.


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