Monday, November 22, 2010

UFO Disclosure and the Barack Obama Administration

Arcturi has collected a selection of videos briefing you on UFO disclosure up to this point and some of the developments of late.

Here is respected astronauts Edgar Mitchell (known for longest moon walk) in a quick news story calling out the Obama administration for the disclosure of UFO and related phenomenon. Mitchell correctly identifies that other nations will be revealing these cases.

In this video White House secretary Robert Gibbs is addressed with the UFO Disclosure question. Quite frankly his answer is quite unsatisfactory.

Here is an interesting video and debate from a report by Anderson Cooper.

While most of our readers are well versed in the various extra terrestrial races, we still think it is important to carry stories about UFOs and other basic extra terrestrial topics. We can clearly see the advancing of human consciosuness as we become more in tune to these topics.



  1. Excellent videos - could I ask when they were each on the air? I particularly liked the Anderson Cooper interview; (Anderson might just be the most unbiased reporter on TV for all sorts of topics, this included.) Mr McGahay, the labeled "skeptic" in that interview, was stammering, slipping up, and falling back on baseless arguments the entire time; he definitely came across as the foolish party.

  2. Lotus,

    I completely agree, the first two videos came out around the beginning of Obama's administration. The last video was a part of a mini special on CNN last year. I agree the "skeptic" came off looking quite ignorant for a lack of a better term.