Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aliens and Ronald Reagan

Did President Ronald Reagan know much more then the public would have us believe? At Arcturi we believe so. Much has been written about back masking on recordings, the subconscious, the collective conscious, and mental matrixing. However, we believe in many circumstances this can be a form of subconscious communication similar to that of body language, and one can pick up faint clues to what is really going on.

Here is Reagans speech addresses the implications of an alien invasion.

However, play the speech backwards and listen!

"we shall not own it. ships'll be red. scot been there-- thank you--(:20)it's in houston, cant make that up. send personalize look see really. and must. (:26)THEY WILL USE AWFUL SLAUGHTER. why, should i get thirsty murray? snee snowy. oh, highly reamed it. horror through snow. right now thru human. (:40)see it's not now in houston. gonna have houston listen to be the global lord--at your feet. (:47)serving you the dust, like. announce ridlah number. see ships serve on the must nop. (:55)for alls sake nothin else sir william university. while youve been meetings in the eve yum yum the taxi.(1:04) is he black mitzah? no sense in playing look out.(1:09) tomorrow. with an alien near maryland. negotiations start tomorrow. nyet we must agreement. start the broke news if necessary. he'll be at the dock.(1:20)your so sexy now. big deal. note the point in look out. choice who's net. (1:28) who eats your fruit consumes me"

Special Thanks to Arcturi Contributors from Youtube milliondustopeners and 3168don.


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