Monday, March 14, 2011

UFO / Planet Passes in Front of the Sun

Here is another interesting NASA video that shows an object passing in front of the sun. SOHO the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory orbits in a location at Larange point 1 (L1) which is at a point in which gravitation doesn't move the satellite towards either planet. SOHO can basically just sit there taking video of the sun at all times. In this video Venus or Mercury was not suppose to be crossing the elliptical at this time. Interestingly, NASA took down the video 1 day after it was posted.

In this next video courtesy of facebook corespondent Adam. We see a massive object orbiting around the sun! Now one may be tempted to see this as a planet. However, this is impossible as a planet could not nearly be this large in portion to the sun. This object appears to be of similar size to Jupiter, however, from this distance Jupiter would appear as a speck of light We suspect this MASSIVE object to be some sort of unknown energy extra terrestrial in nature.

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