Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Billionaire Launching the Next Generation of Space Travel

Microsoft Co-Founder and Billionaire, Paul Allen, have unveiled plans to create what they are calling "The Next Generation of Space Travel." This bold plans calls for the construction of the largest aircraft ever built which will launch a smaller space module into orbit. The plan is said to be safer, easier, and more cost effective then any other plan to date.

Allen and business partner Burt Rutan held a press conference today that has announced the launching of the company "Stratolaunch Systems." The companies plans are as follows:

"Stratolaunch Systems will bring airport-like operations to the launch of commercial and government payloads and, eventually, human missions. Plans call for a first flight within five years. The air-launch-to-orbit system will mean lower costs, greater safety, and more flexibility and responsiveness than is possible today with ground-based systems. Stratolaunch's quick turnaround between launches will enable new orbital missions as well as break the logjam of missions queued up for launch facilities and a chance at space. Rutan, who has joined Stratolaunch Systems as a board member, said he was thrilled to be back working with Allen. "Paul and I pioneered private space travel with SpaceShipOne, which led to Virgin Galactic's commercial suborbital SpaceShipTwo Program."

Very exciting news about the privatization of outer space, a critical step in bringing peace to our planet and the planetary systems around us.


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