Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Starship Athena seen on a NASA VIDEO near Planet Mercury!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am extremely excited to present this latest video find. This Huged Cloaked UFO appears on this NASA after a CME from the sun hits it and reveals the cloaked craft. It seems that this could certainly be the Starship Athena of the Arcturians. The video clearly reveals a cloaked ship when the CME hits the object. The question is who does this giant UFO belong too. We have been seeing numerous examples of these cloaked ships being found recently, however, this one seems to be by far the most compelling, it will be interesting to see how long this video stays up for!


  1. Just curious on your thoughts of size on that ship.. cause in comparison to mercury it is pretty gigantic

  2. From what ive read, the starship Athena is supposed to be located between Jupiter and Saturn. not near Mercury

    1. It might just be another ship in the same fleet as the Athena. Did you think there was just one ship? It's more likely there is a small fleet with some big ships and more little patrol ships, the Athena being obviously the one that houses the fleets commander

  3. Arcturian Starship Athena quietly resides
    between the planets Jupiter and Saturn awaiting any invading armada from the Greys or Reptilians.

  4. Read about our starship galactic families
    Also read about our 7-Star Star Commander General Newryt
    General Newryt Star Commander is a 7-Star General in the Arcturian Space-fleet
    defending the Safe-Zone that protects Earth from the Reptilian Aliens and
    their Allies The Greys.