Saturday, March 27, 2010

Massive UFO around Sun Emitting a Beam of Energy

Yet Another MASSIVE UFO seen around flying very close to the sun. This one is of particular interest as it seems to be emitting a beam of light or energy. We have seen much recent activity surround our sun lately, from increase solar activity and sun spots to actual massive objects observed flying near our sun.

If this video is for real (and we have no reason to think its a fake, far too odd for someone to fake this), then the implications are incredible. Perhaps 2012 will be more then a shift in consciousness, and will enable these massive spaceships. Could the Arcturians be watching us, utilizing the energy of the sun with this great emission beam? The starship Athena is said to be powered by the energy of these solar centers and this seems to be proof of some form of this process.

NASA has yet to comment on these latest bits of information. Last time around they said it was an equipment malfunction!?

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