Monday, March 8, 2010

Stargate: Gulf of Aden - Enlisted Serviceman Talks About His Experience

More Stargates seem to be opening up all the time these days and the Gulf of Aden is no exception. Here we have an informative video from Aaron McCollum.

Many of these reports seem to be true. It seems that more then 70 countries have been verified to have sent naval fleets to this location.

The Following is a list of fleets reported to be in the gulf of Aden currently:
Australia (1), Bulgaria (1), Canada (1), China (13), Danmark (2), France (4+), Germany (2), Greece (1), India (3), Iran (6), Italy (1), Japan (7), South Korea (1), Malaysia (1), Netherlands (1), Pakistan (?), Portugal (1+), Saudi Arabia (?), Russia (5), Singapore (1), Spain (2), Sweden (3), Turkey (2), Great Britain (1), USA (1 Fleet), New Zealand (?).

Keep in mind these are Frigate class warships, not small coast guard type operations. Now I do not know about you, but as much of a threat as the Somalian pirates are, I cannot see them being THIS big of an issue.

Therefore the question remains. What is going on in the Gulf of Aden? What are the possible solutions?

- Stargate like Mr. McCollum suggests
- The beginning of World War III with Iran and the mid East nearby.


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