Monday, March 22, 2010

Jay Z: Confirmed Reptilian Illuminati

Is multimillionaire/rapper/producer Jay-Z a Reptilian Alien? We think so. The evidence grows. The above video (Not Safe for Work Lyrics) shows some amazing occult and Illuminati connections. His ability to control matter seems to be uncanny. Observe Jay-Z's innate ability to amass fortunes, control people, obtain the beautiful women in the world (and desirable including Beyonce).

The pyramid seen all over this video is an important Illuminati symbol. Also said to be what the Reptilian gods of the ancients instructed them to build (yes, it goes back pretty far). You will notice as well the skull and cross bones, also a symbol of the Skull and Cross Bones Society of Yale. Interestingly, George Bush, along with many other presidents and other very powerful members of society belong to this elite group. Ask yourself this question, why would Jay-Z, a man who normally endorses going against the status quo, and would be generally thought of as a man that does not agree with former president George W Bush, have a shirt like the one seen below?

The power of the mind is tremendous. However, when used with the wrong reference point the effect can be seen to be dangerous. Know the Enemy - Arcturi

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