Friday, May 28, 2010

Interview with Travis Edmonds, Talking with Arcturians:

How long have you had the ability to speak with the Arcturians?

I was first contacted by an Arcturian who gave his name as Arthimus, last summer in 2009. You must understand however, about the names, the Arcturians names on their home planet are much different. They just choose names we will understand and portray a certain meaning in our society.

What was your first experience like speaking to Arcturians?

I have been into transcendental meditation for some time. After particularly long sessions I began hearing a slight voice and feeling of contact with other beings. It is hard to describe. I began to question these being and invited them to communicate with me. I was cautious of this at first as I know not all forces are benevolent like the Arcturians. However, the Arcturians only communicated with me solely based upon my desire to communicate with them .

Did the Arcturians express to you why they were communicating with you?

They only communicated with me based upon my willingness to seek them out. There is nothing special about me (laughs).

Arcturi catches up with Travis Edmonds, one who has been able to successfully channel several alien races.

What are the main concerns of the Arcturians and their message?

The Arcturians are very concerned with the collective consciousness of the human race. Our world is being brought down with the chains of materialism. This negative energy and vibrational frequency has been increasing lately and leading humanity into paths of darkness. The Arcturians are also concerned with the Reptilian influence on humanity. In the DNA of humanity rest both seed of the Reptilian Race and higher seeds from the more spiritually advanced starseeds. The Reptilian influence can be seen clearly in many societies on Earth. If we were to give into these vibrational tendencies humanity’s spiritual development would be stunted for millennia.

How should someone interested seek the Arcturians?

Anyone interested in contacting Arcturian beings should first seek themselves. Search the inner self for the true being, the I AM. As we begin to understand our true nature the spiritual worlds begin to develop. Seek the silence, be at peace, be one.

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