Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Iclandic Volcano UFOs April 28th

More UFOs seen flying over the Icelandic Volcano. This particular UFO appears to be scounting and interested in the Earth changes going on. Many UFO eye witnesses have reported this type of UFO with its bright gold light emitting from the vehicle. This latest one was hovering over the caldera just a few days ago (see the first sighting).

This unidentified flying object does not appear to be a helicopter as it seems to circle around the caldera of the volcano. Any type of helicoper would not risk getting that close to the smoke fumes. Yet the smoke fumes do not seem to bother the flight of this UFO.

The better question we can ask is not wether this is a genuine UFO, but rather what is the purpose of this UFO? Could this be a UFO of the Grey aliens after being distrubed from their underground slumber? Could this be a craft belonging to benevolent Nordics, Arcturian, or Syrian aliens looking out for the interests of Earth? Or could this possibly a Reptilian Alien interdimennsional spacecraft?

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