Saturday, May 8, 2010

Star Shaped UFO Sighting

In recent news a Star Shaped UFO (seen about) was photographed flying high in the skies of Columbia. This is an interesting find for UFO researchers because of its unusual shape. This UFO does not seem to resemble any known craft, even remotely. There have been many eye witness accounts of these Cross/Star shaped UFOs, but neve to my knowledge has one actually been captured. We would like to know what type of extra terrestrials this craft belongs to and what is the purpose of this ship.

Below is an image of a computer generated UFO classified as a fake my MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network). While the image is fake, if could be a graphical representation of what many people claim to have seen in these "star shaped UFOs."


  1. > Star Shaped UFO (seen above)

    not a cracked windshield?

    1. Ufos are real i have the best videos i recorded on december 13 2017 and january 6 2018, let me know if you want to see them they are the best ever footages

  2. I saw the same shape of UFO like this one before at night in 2007. I coudl't find any information or photos to prove that i saw an almost transparent Plane shaped UFO flew in the sky.

    It was at night, the sky was so clear.I looked up to the sky while i was talking to my friend on phone. There were six air planes flew through in front of me.(they had lights so i could tell they were air planes.i saw them reallt far all just about a cm big.). I told my friend that i felt bored of watching those air planes flying all around the sky. Then later, i saw a flaten plane/star shaped "thing" flied above my head.I told my friend " Gosh! there you go a plane again..Wait a second..That plane didn't have any lights? How could that be?It wasn't a plane. What was that?It didn't fly straght. It flew through made a perfect curve"
    I lived in a skycraper on the first floor so, it was just appeared for a seconds or two then it was hidden by the building.It was just above my head it was so big felt like it was going to hit the building.

    The sky was clear so it was in a dark blue colour. That UFO was in blue colour as well darker than the sky so i could see its shape.It didn't have any lights on it.I can't tell how big it was. I could only tell the shape was around 6cm big above my head. The shape is the same as this photos

    1. I believe you, because on december 13 2017 and January 6 2018 i encountered UFO

      December 13 : it was similar to what you described with the night, i was depressed about working and how lame the world is, then waiting at a bustop in bissonet texas, i white light appeared out of the sky, it was in close proximity orobably about 350 ft away from me in the sky, it flew around and dissaperad then came back again , stood infront of me like it was trying to get my attention. I have ohotis and videos to prove it.

      Hit me up if you want to see them