Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UFO sighting in the UK: Unpublicized

In the age of video and phone camcorders, UFO sightings are becoming more and more prevalent. The UFOs do not seem to readily make their presence know yet millions have seen them. Therefore as our technology improves our chances of documenting this phenomena are greatly heightened. Video sharing on the Internet has also enabled average Joe to post his sighting for the world to see.

This is the case of the latest UFO find on Arcturi blog. This sighting is largely unpublicized and quite remarkable. The sighting takes place in the United Kingdom as a father calls his son to his vantage point to show him the strange UFO seen in the sky.

This sighting is atypical. However, the "fire" in the sky has been noted and seen before. The ancient Hebrews were said to be lead by a pillar of fire in the sky, it could be similar to the object witnessed here. UFOs are also said to have many signaling lights for various purposes which is another explanation for this phenomenal sighting.

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  1. "Stepping up to the plate 'full on' is good timing, there are sightings on a continuous basis around the world, and the 2012 planetary 'shift' is a benevolent change for the majority of us. We have experienced UFO's sightings 26 February 2011 and on three occasions the same day while in flight from Perth through Irian Jaya and finally the island of Bali."