Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arcturian Consciousness: The Age of Aquarius

All life revolves. The world is awaiting a great awakening, which will occur with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This great awakening will take place in the months and
years to come and bring significant changes to our consciousness as human beings. Astronomers, astrologers, philosophers, and spiritualists have predicted this coming great age.

2150 BC – 0 The Age of Aries

Under this age the civilizations of the world were mostly consumed with individualism and finding the Self and discovering the EGO. This was an important step for our spiritual development as a planet. Upon the Great Oracle at Delphi read the quotation, “Know Thyself.” This concept of self-individualization was an important step for humanity to take to move them beyond the animal instinct of previous ages.
However, we can see how in subsequent years the ego grew into a self-destroying beast in the cases of Nazi Germany and the Crusades.

0 – 2143 A.D. (other theories 1968, 2012?) The Age of Pisces

The most significant sign of this age was the spread of Christianity around the world. This concept of a One-Universal God was our first development beyond the ego. The world of ego and individualization had reach a point of maturity as enlightened men began to search “beyond the self” in a question for the Truth. During this period new scientific thought spurred on great advances in science and philosophy.

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, the sign of man, is already dawning and will awaken the consciousness of man. It is predicted that during the first part of the twenty first century we will fully enter into the Age of Aquarius. An important astronomical conjunction of the winter solstice and the galactic center (see Arcturian Alignment) will denote the entrance of this great age. The timing of the last Great Flood on the earth [around 10,000BC] was in conjunction with the alignment of the summer solstice.

Signs of the coming age of Aquarius:

§ Paradigm shifts in medicine in a movement to become more holistic
§ The awakening a great spiritual movement
§ Equality between not only men and women but between races
§ The denouncement of the collective Egoic nature of mankind

Steps to help usher in the New Age of Consciousness:

§ Become more aware of the inner-self this can only come by silence, meditation, and practicing
awareness in relationships
§ Recognizing the ego and knowing when its negative presence in our thoughts
§ Living consciously by knowing we are more than our thoughts and our connection with other beings
is much deeper


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