Friday, January 29, 2010

Artist Rendering of an Arcturian Alien and a Grey Alien has taken it to the next level. One problem when dealing with information on trans- dimensional beings, which brings about a lot of the skepticism, is that researchers do not know what these beings look like. In our society visual proof is often necessary for belief (for thousands of years billions of people considered the Earth did not rotate). Therefore, we deemed it necessary to create actually depictions of what these alien beings looked like.

Arcturian aliens were the first order of business for Arcturi. It was much harder to gather information on what these beings looks like. Channelings and other communications to these Arcturian Aliens have produced different results as to what this great race actually looks like. Some have reported these aliens to be rather Reptilian looking almost like a fish to us, while other have described them as being very humanoid. The artistic representation combines several of these attributes to depict the most accurate Arcturian representation.

The second image is that of a Grey Alien. With Grey’s the situation is quite different. Thousands of eye witness accounts have described these beings along with thousands more produced by pop culture. Our task here was to deliver the most accurate description based solid eye witness accounts we could to our artists (and possible autopsy evidence).

While Arcturi does not pretend to believe this is the exact replica of these beings, to which we offer great respect. We do, however, take great pride in providing you with the highest quality renderings of these transdimensional beings as possible.

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