Friday, January 15, 2010

Arcturians and the New Earth (by Eckart Tolle) by Hume Trenton

“The purpose of every human beings' life is to Awaken.” Oprah Winfrey on A New Earth

In his modern day masterpiece The New Earth, Eckart Tolle explains the current state of the collective consciousness of humanity in a destructive ego based disarray. However, a dramatic shift in consciousness is beginning to occur, in an event Eckart describes as a personal Awakening. Eckart goes into great detail describing the “ego” and how we are to rid ourselves of “ourselves” by practicing awareness. He then goes on to explain how this awakening is the first step in a radical inner leap into an entirely new consciousness.

The parallels between the teachings of Eckart Tolle and the growing evidence of the coming Arcturian Alignment are staggering. The Awakening described by Eckart Tolle perfectly mirrors the Arcturian Awakening of our consciousness into our next level of spiritual development. Our current state of humanity is preparing many to be ready for the spiritual awakening otherwise known as the Arcturian Alignment.

Our current knowledge about the Arcturian race clearly shows them as being ego-less highly developed spiritual beings. Additionally, the Brotherhood of the All (The Elders ((Gods)) of the Arcturians) are said to hold the most advanced levels of awareness known in the galaxy. These radical principles Eckart is trying to introduce to the human race are the same principles the Arcturians would have us master. Could the New Earth and the Arcturian Awakening be the same thing?


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  1. As my friend who post this on my fb timeline said: This explains a lot. of course.