Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Nothern Lights Aurora Mystery

A strange image has been caught by once again over skies of Norway (see the other strange lights over Norway). This time the image is linked to the Northern Lights. The object seems to look like a mysterious green parachute. What is the object?

Experts ruled out the possibility of the object being a lens flare or a spot on the actual camera. Truls Lynne Hansen, lead scientist at the Tromsø Geophysical Observatory, doubts that the mystery object can be explained by a technical fault.

"The color of the 'phenomenon' is the same as the color in the aurora, the auroral green line from atomic oxygen," Hansen continued, "so the 'phenomenon' is either a genuine auroral feature or a reflection of auroral light somewhere in space."

Ruling out camera difficulties, experts think the object could be a reflection from space. The object could be the reflection of the light of the Aurora reflecting off of a satellite. Iridium satellites have huge antenna that act as mirrors mounted on the satellite about the size of a door. So the question scientists are scratching their heads over is: Is the Aurora's light bright enough to reflect of a satellite orbiting far above the earth's orbit?

Many agree is probably is not. And to the staff at Arcturi this explanation seems as if some sort of either cover-up or stretch of science is going on to explain the phenomenon. Researcher and Staff member Sherer states:

"We are not saying the abnormal light is specifically a UFO, or any kind of alien craft or projection. However, we are saying that it seems a bit peculiar in light of all the phenomena occuring in the region."

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