Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science and Probability of Aliens and Peter Backus uses the Alien Formula for Love

In 1961 Dr. Frank Drake developed a scientific formula to calculate the number of alien races in the galaxy. His formula:

N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fi x Fc x L

This complex formula predicts that there are over 10,000 alien civilizations in our galaxy alone.

N = The Number of civilizations in the Galaxy (in which communication could be possible)

R* = The average rate of star formation in the galaxy
Fp = The fraction of those stars that have planets
Ne = The average number of planets that potential provide life support per star that has extra solar planets
Fi = The fraction of those planets that actually develop intelligent life
Fc = The fraction of those planets that have developed communications that will be able to release detectable signs of their existence
L = The length of time these civilizations have had to release detectable signs of their existence into space

Modern day science as sense updated the equation, however, the results still provide staggeringly high probability that there are alien civilizations. Based upon extra solar research the number has been lowered to somewhere between 500 and 2000 civilizations depending on which study you choose.

On a more humorous note, Peter Backus, a London PhD student and brilliant mathematician has used the alien calculation to determine why he can’t find a girlfriend. Using the same calculation Peter applied various factors to the equation.
For example:

N = Number of Women to be Peter’s Girlfriend

R* = Number of women in the UK
Fp = Number of women between the ages of 24 and 34
Ne = Number of women with certain characteristic appealing to Peter
(ect, ect)

Peter equation came to the conclusion that there were only 26 eligible women for him to befriend (Arcturi writers speculate that Grey alien influence and control may actually be keeping him from having a girlfriend).

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