Friday, January 29, 2010

Artist Rendering of an Arcturian Alien and a Grey Alien has taken it to the next level. One problem when dealing with information on trans- dimensional beings, which brings about a lot of the skepticism, is that researchers do not know what these beings look like. In our society visual proof is often necessary for belief (for thousands of years billions of people considered the Earth did not rotate). Therefore, we deemed it necessary to create actually depictions of what these alien beings looked like.

Arcturian aliens were the first order of business for Arcturi. It was much harder to gather information on what these beings looks like. Channelings and other communications to these Arcturian Aliens have produced different results as to what this great race actually looks like. Some have reported these aliens to be rather Reptilian looking almost like a fish to us, while other have described them as being very humanoid. The artistic representation combines several of these attributes to depict the most accurate Arcturian representation.

The second image is that of a Grey Alien. With Grey’s the situation is quite different. Thousands of eye witness accounts have described these beings along with thousands more produced by pop culture. Our task here was to deliver the most accurate description based solid eye witness accounts we could to our artists (and possible autopsy evidence).

While Arcturi does not pretend to believe this is the exact replica of these beings, to which we offer great respect. We do, however, take great pride in providing you with the highest quality renderings of these transdimensional beings as possible.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Edgar Cayce: Predicting Arcturians

"Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy," said Edagr Cayce, a
prophet who lived between the years of 1877-1945.

Further details of Cayce's life and work are explored in the classic book, There Is a River (1942), by Thomas Sugrue, available in hardback, paperback, or audio book versions.

The idea of an alien life form that has been visiting Earth from Arcturus is frequently associated with the writings of Edgar Cayce. According to Cayce, the Arcturians are a "fifth dimensional" lifeform. They are highly advanced both technically and spiritually.Since his early writing of this Race of Aliens, Edgar Cayce has been referred to the father of the Arcturians. Today, many people have discovered the different way to communicate with the Arcturian Aliens; however, only
one has been deeded the most sure way.

Because Arcturian Aliens exist in different dimensions (not just the fifth dimension) it is now known that to communicate with the higher planes of existence, one must enter into a dream state. In this dream state many believe that Edgar Cayce entered into direct communication with the Arcturian Aliens.

Today many people have claimed to have communicated with the Arcturians. For example, Norma J. Milanovich is the author of the famous book We the Arcturians, which explains the life style and way of life of these benevolent race of Arcturian Aliens.

The Arcturian legacy and mythology continues and although there are many reasons to believe that these aliens are more than just a myth, we continue to explore the possibilities for compelling evidence. Edagr Cayce gave us the doorway to enter into the universe of a vast existence.

Read more about these Arcturians, and begin to understand the conscious development of the new human mind and the teaching that Edgar Cayce, Norma Milanovich and many have discovered.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Nothern Lights Aurora Mystery

A strange image has been caught by once again over skies of Norway (see the other strange lights over Norway). This time the image is linked to the Northern Lights. The object seems to look like a mysterious green parachute. What is the object?

Experts ruled out the possibility of the object being a lens flare or a spot on the actual camera. Truls Lynne Hansen, lead scientist at the Tromsø Geophysical Observatory, doubts that the mystery object can be explained by a technical fault.

"The color of the 'phenomenon' is the same as the color in the aurora, the auroral green line from atomic oxygen," Hansen continued, "so the 'phenomenon' is either a genuine auroral feature or a reflection of auroral light somewhere in space."

Ruling out camera difficulties, experts think the object could be a reflection from space. The object could be the reflection of the light of the Aurora reflecting off of a satellite. Iridium satellites have huge antenna that act as mirrors mounted on the satellite about the size of a door. So the question scientists are scratching their heads over is: Is the Aurora's light bright enough to reflect of a satellite orbiting far above the earth's orbit?

Many agree is probably is not. And to the staff at Arcturi this explanation seems as if some sort of either cover-up or stretch of science is going on to explain the phenomenon. Researcher and Staff member Sherer states:

"We are not saying the abnormal light is specifically a UFO, or any kind of alien craft or projection. However, we are saying that it seems a bit peculiar in light of all the phenomena occuring in the region."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


ALIENS WHO ONCE VISITED THEM? Click here to read the full story and see more pictures of ancient cave drawings. Only on

Monday, January 25, 2010


Reptilian Aliens, or also known as Reptilian humanoids, comprise a common motif in creation mythology, ufology, folklore, science fiction, fantasy, and conspiracy theories. In China for example, many Reptilian Humanoids were depicted in their mythology (ancient); these humanoids had the ability to shape shift.

The four Dragon Kings (龍王; pinyin: Lóng Wáng) are, in Chinese mythology, the divine rulers of the four seas (each sea corresponds to one of the cardinal directions). Although Dragon Kings appear in their true forms as dragons, they have the ability to shapeshift into human form. The Dragon Kings live in crystal palaces, guarded by shrimp soldiers and crab generals.Although many shrug these folklore tales as common ancient mythology, it is apparent that something must have created this belief system. Throughout Chinese culture we see signs of Dragon Kings, dragons, and characters who are able to shape shift into humans. Important to their culture, temples were erected to honor these Reptilian Kings. There are numerous temples dedicated to Dragon Kings in China and one in Oregon Yes, Oregon, United States). One temple in Beijing was built during the Yuan Dynasty and renovated in the early 21st century. Chao-Tian Palace (朝天宮) of Beigang Township (北港鎮), Yunlin, devoted to the Goddess Mazu, also has human-shaped statues for the four Dragon Kings, each riding on a dragon.

In their tales, these Kings would reek havoc on the people of China. Coinciding with Reptilian Alien facts, it is apparent that today's notion of a Reptilian Alien characteristics is not very different from Ancient Chinese mythology of their Four Dragon Kings.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Archeologist have found sophisticated pre-Incan sculptures made in the shapes very similar to that of airplanes, jets, helicopters and space shuttles. These small gold figurines are approximately two inches in length and estimated to date between 500 and 800 BCE. Some archeologists have suggested that the figures depict animals, however, this seems most unlikely.

Another interesting note is the wings of the aircraft have small ornamental drawings on them, many in the form of spirals. To the ancient Indians of South America these spirals represented ascending and descending.

These sculptures could be evidence of many things. Some say birds, other say advanced Incan intelligence, and still others the influence of ancient aliens.

For the entire story about these Alien Planes

Friday, January 22, 2010

Possible Video Evidence of the Arcturian Starship Athena Flying Near Jupiter

UFO sighting near Jupiter. Now this is quite an astonishing video for several reasons:

1. The object does not seem to be anything in the atmosphere as it can be seen to either be barely moving or not moving at all. Anything close by or just out of the atmosphere would certainly be traveling at a greater rate.

2. The unidentified flying object appears to be enormous. If this object is flying in the vicinity of Jupiter then its size is massive. From the video it appears the UFO is closer than Jupiter yet still very far away.

3. The object doesn't appear to be a light emitting object, but rather a light reflecting object. Which would rule out the Andromeda galaxy, a super nova, or some other natural occurance.

The implications of this massive UFO sighting are exciting. This could possibly be a sighting of the massive Star Ship Athena, of the Arcturians. Video evidence of this ship protecting Earth from various Reptilian and other races is a very exciting prospect to us at Arcturi. We realize this is assume a lot from the video evidence. However, if there is the slightest possibility of this as video proof then the implications are astonishing.

from Arcturi

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arcturian Consciousness: The Age of Aquarius

All life revolves. The world is awaiting a great awakening, which will occur with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This great awakening will take place in the months and
years to come and bring significant changes to our consciousness as human beings. Astronomers, astrologers, philosophers, and spiritualists have predicted this coming great age.

2150 BC – 0 The Age of Aries

Under this age the civilizations of the world were mostly consumed with individualism and finding the Self and discovering the EGO. This was an important step for our spiritual development as a planet. Upon the Great Oracle at Delphi read the quotation, “Know Thyself.” This concept of self-individualization was an important step for humanity to take to move them beyond the animal instinct of previous ages.
However, we can see how in subsequent years the ego grew into a self-destroying beast in the cases of Nazi Germany and the Crusades.

0 – 2143 A.D. (other theories 1968, 2012?) The Age of Pisces

The most significant sign of this age was the spread of Christianity around the world. This concept of a One-Universal God was our first development beyond the ego. The world of ego and individualization had reach a point of maturity as enlightened men began to search “beyond the self” in a question for the Truth. During this period new scientific thought spurred on great advances in science and philosophy.

The Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, the sign of man, is already dawning and will awaken the consciousness of man. It is predicted that during the first part of the twenty first century we will fully enter into the Age of Aquarius. An important astronomical conjunction of the winter solstice and the galactic center (see Arcturian Alignment) will denote the entrance of this great age. The timing of the last Great Flood on the earth [around 10,000BC] was in conjunction with the alignment of the summer solstice.

Signs of the coming age of Aquarius:

§ Paradigm shifts in medicine in a movement to become more holistic
§ The awakening a great spiritual movement
§ Equality between not only men and women but between races
§ The denouncement of the collective Egoic nature of mankind

Steps to help usher in the New Age of Consciousness:

§ Become more aware of the inner-self this can only come by silence, meditation, and practicing
awareness in relationships
§ Recognizing the ego and knowing when its negative presence in our thoughts
§ Living consciously by knowing we are more than our thoughts and our connection with other beings
is much deeper


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Oldest UFO Photograph Ever Taken

The Oldest UFO photograph ever taken is seen here in this photo graph taken in 1870 (photography was barely invented in the 1830s). The picture was taken in Mt. Washington New Hampshire which is the highest peak in the American Northeast. The picture stands as remarkable evidence for several reasons:

- Photos were very difficult to manipulate in these days. Remember that computers were not invented until the 1930s and 40s (Adobe Photoshop 1.0 was released in 1990).

- The Wright Brother's first flight was in 1903. While some experiments with Gliders had occurred preceding that year. There wouldn't have been any flying objects at the time with the exception of birds.

- The photo clearly shows a cigar shaped UFO, a very commonly seen UFO shape (commonly thought of to belong to the Grey Aliens).

The photo was recently purchased by Samuel A Sherman, president of Independent-International pictures, over ebay for $385.00


Friday, January 15, 2010

Arcturians and the New Earth (by Eckart Tolle) by Hume Trenton

“The purpose of every human beings' life is to Awaken.” Oprah Winfrey on A New Earth

In his modern day masterpiece The New Earth, Eckart Tolle explains the current state of the collective consciousness of humanity in a destructive ego based disarray. However, a dramatic shift in consciousness is beginning to occur, in an event Eckart describes as a personal Awakening. Eckart goes into great detail describing the “ego” and how we are to rid ourselves of “ourselves” by practicing awareness. He then goes on to explain how this awakening is the first step in a radical inner leap into an entirely new consciousness.

The parallels between the teachings of Eckart Tolle and the growing evidence of the coming Arcturian Alignment are staggering. The Awakening described by Eckart Tolle perfectly mirrors the Arcturian Awakening of our consciousness into our next level of spiritual development. Our current state of humanity is preparing many to be ready for the spiritual awakening otherwise known as the Arcturian Alignment.

Our current knowledge about the Arcturian race clearly shows them as being ego-less highly developed spiritual beings. Additionally, the Brotherhood of the All (The Elders ((Gods)) of the Arcturians) are said to hold the most advanced levels of awareness known in the galaxy. These radical principles Eckart is trying to introduce to the human race are the same principles the Arcturians would have us master. Could the New Earth and the Arcturian Awakening be the same thing?


Thursday, January 14, 2010

El Diablo Hand Signals and the Reptilian connection

At Arcturi, we do not like to get too much into the government conspiracy theory- illuminanti type stuff, however, it is important to point out the control mechanism in place by those with Reptilian bloodlines. This video clearly the leaders of the world (reptilian agenda) flashing what is called the diablo hand sign.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Science and Probability of Aliens and Peter Backus uses the Alien Formula for Love

In 1961 Dr. Frank Drake developed a scientific formula to calculate the number of alien races in the galaxy. His formula:

N = R* x Fp x Ne x Fi x Fc x L

This complex formula predicts that there are over 10,000 alien civilizations in our galaxy alone.

N = The Number of civilizations in the Galaxy (in which communication could be possible)

R* = The average rate of star formation in the galaxy
Fp = The fraction of those stars that have planets
Ne = The average number of planets that potential provide life support per star that has extra solar planets
Fi = The fraction of those planets that actually develop intelligent life
Fc = The fraction of those planets that have developed communications that will be able to release detectable signs of their existence
L = The length of time these civilizations have had to release detectable signs of their existence into space

Modern day science as sense updated the equation, however, the results still provide staggeringly high probability that there are alien civilizations. Based upon extra solar research the number has been lowered to somewhere between 500 and 2000 civilizations depending on which study you choose.

On a more humorous note, Peter Backus, a London PhD student and brilliant mathematician has used the alien calculation to determine why he can’t find a girlfriend. Using the same calculation Peter applied various factors to the equation.
For example:

N = Number of Women to be Peter’s Girlfriend

R* = Number of women in the UK
Fp = Number of women between the ages of 24 and 34
Ne = Number of women with certain characteristic appealing to Peter
(ect, ect)

Peter equation came to the conclusion that there were only 26 eligible women for him to befriend (Arcturi writers speculate that Grey alien influence and control may actually be keeping him from having a girlfriend).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Compilation of Video Evidence

Here is an outstanding compilation of video evidence gathered on UFOs and crop circles. The video does an excellent job of pointing out solid testimonies by high ranking officials, as well as present some pretty convincing evidence. Is it just me or does the first crop circle you see kinda look like President Barak Obama?


Monday, January 11, 2010

Ancient Aliens

Watch the Ancient Aliens Video

One of the best presentations by the history channel in presenting evidence of Ancient Aliens effecting the outcome of society. This very highly recommended following the ground breaking for of Erich Von Daniken. Ancient Alien theory basically theorizes that ancient civilizations were visited, assisted, and in some cases developed by advanced alien races helping advance technology and religion.

Thanks to the history channel. Arcturi

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Life in the Cosmos: Are we Alone?

Epicurus wrote that statement some 23 centuries ago, and today such a statement is
back in the spotlight. With Modern technology we are able to see much father in space.

Outside our solar system we have now discovered more that 365 Planets. In the
Milkyway Galaxy there are more than 100 billion stars and those stars all possess the possibility of harboring planetary systems of their own. With astronomers gazing into the far reaches of our galaxy, they hope to find Earthlike planets, and perhaps, some with all the making of life!

The launch of NASA's Kepler spacecraft last March is proof the the fast growing curiosity of finding Earthlike Planets in our Galaxy. Some estimate that there must be billions of Earthlike Planets throughout the Milkyway. Kepler's mission is to keep watch over 100,000 stars for signs of Earth-size planets.It took humans thousands of years to explore our own planet and centuries to comprehend our neighboring planets. Today we fare much better, in fact, we find a new planet almost every week! Amid such exotica amongst the new planets we have discovered, scientists are eager to find a hint of a familiar planet(s) resembling Earth.

If scientist to day were to spot an Earth like Planet, what would that mean in terms of finding life, even advanced forms of life. Plants and Bacteria are one thing, but what about Human-like beings, Grey Aliens, Little Green Men, The Good Stuff!

"Biological evolution is so inherently unpredictable that even if life originated on a planet identical to Earth at the same time life started here, it is safe to say that life on that planet would almost certainly be very different." - Timothy Ferris National Geographic

Although these questions about Aliens and Earth-like planets remain unanswered, we are confident that with today's technology we will slowly learn more about the heavens and seek the truth to our origins. Until them we will continue to gaze into the stars above and wonder who is looking down at us!

From Arcturi

Friday, January 8, 2010

Does the Vatican believe in Aliens?!


In an astounding announcement made by the Vatican, Father Funes says "That life on Mars could not be ruled out and God could have created intelligent beings in outer space. Father Gabriel Funes is the Vatican's chief astronomer and wrote an article in the official Vatican newspaper called, "Aliens Are My Brother." Father Funes
exclaimed that the search for extraterrestrial life does not contradict belief in God. When asked about the condemnation of the Italian astronomer and physicist, Galileo, by the Catholic Church some four centuries ago, Father Funes claimed mistakes were made, but stressed that it is time to turn the page and look towards the future.

What led to this decision to announce the "possibility" of alien existence by the Vatican? At the time many were researching the existence of past life on Mars and it seemed most probable that the conclusive evidence would suggest that life once existed on Mars. Did this prompt the Vatican church to announce these findings as a preemptive strike against science, or does the Vatican know more than it is telling?

Like all conspiracy theories, it is always close to impossible to find the truth, but today knowledge and technology are able to flow more freely and without a doubt we begin to see more evidence that perhaps the Vatican knows more about Alien life and UFOs than they are telling us.

Click the link to see an email sent out by the Vatican and their attempt to convey the importance of making sure people know that aliens do not disprove the existence of God but rather reinforces the magnificence and all knowing power of one supreme God who is capable of creating such a master piece.

Full Story of the Vatican believing in aliens.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

UFOs on Google Earth

Here is a nice short video of an actual pyramid shaped UFO seen over Australia, January 2008. Much speculation has been given to UFOs seen on Google Earth. Some experts say that many government agencies have essentially deleted all of the UFO evidence from Google Earth. The few that you can clearly see are actually inserted by this same agency to throw us off with inconclusive evidence. However, many still believe these images on Google Earth are clearly UFO anomalies.

Note: Google mentions nothing of these anomalies

By Arcturi

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Who are the Arcturian Aliens

From the start of Edgar Cayce's remarks about the most advanced alien race in our galaxy, believers from around the world now look to know more about this mysterious race of aliens.

Who are they? Why do they stay hidden? These questions are just the beginning of an array of questions that now ponder the mind of thousands of people.

The Arcturians are an alien race that hails from the blue planet orbiting the red giant star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation. Arcturus orbits our solar system at approximately 36 light years from our solar system.

Who Are the Arcturians?

Arcturians are the most advanced civilization (alien) in the galaxy, transcending into the 4th and 5th dimensions. These higher beings exists mostly in a spiritual plane subjugated by thought and pure consciousness. The central belief system that sustains the Arcturian is a philosophy of healing and compassion for the universe. The Arcturian civilization is governed by elders of whom only the most spiritually advanced are included.

Go to our website to find more about what arcturians look like, and where they come from.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Buildings on the Moon?

Arcturi loves bringing you the best head-scratching videos available in the universe. Here is some interesting pictures that give evidence that there could be structures on the Moon. While we would have to objectively point out that many of the photos look photo-shopped or manipulated, a few of them have their merits. Interesting highlights include pyramids on the moon (doesn't seem like a natural formation), stonehenge on the Moon, and some of the recorded astronaut communications.

Special thanks to Dhudson on YouTube.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is President Barak Obama a Reptilian Alien??

Is Barak Obama A Reptoid/Lizard Alien Hybrid with Reptilian bloodlines?

The Evidence is clear and the theories grow...

Many speculators such as David Icke have theorized about the origins of President Barak Obama. These researchers have rightly identified Barak Obama as coming from a lineage of world leaders with Reptilian blood lines. Early Sumerian civilizations often spoken of the powerful serpent Kings which were among the first to be influenced by the Reptilians. Throughout history Reptilian humanoids have played a role in every tradition and culture in various forms. To this day Reptilian symbols such as the dragon and scales are symbols of power and supremacy. The mounds of evidence compel researchers to take a closer look at what really is going on here, especially with many of the ruling classes.

The Reptilians feed off negative forms of energy including fear, panic, hatred, destruction, envy, greed, and jealousy. According to Icke and other researchers the Reptilians have been laying low until recent development such as the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Here is the overwhelming evidence gathered by the top researchers made in an effort to prove Obama’s Reptilian bloodline.

Control: Obama has already created an economic dependency upon the government in order to establish a level of control never seen before in the United States. The control of the Auto industry and the Financial System, as well as the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government set up our society for Reptilian control. Soon our Heathcare system could be in complete control of this ruling class of Reptoid Hybrids!

Missing Birth Certificate: The majority of American citizens would have no problem producing a birth certificate should the need arise. Why would the President of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, have to desperately hide his identity? Quite obviously, if Obama’s birth certificate was found, his Reptilian bloodline and questionable heritage would be revealed.

Body Language: Experts on body language have noted (although largely silenced by the media) very odd almost animal-like body language from our President. Notice the way Obama holds his head. The neck is thrust upwards and often to one side or the other (identical to a lizard). Additionally, Obama’s walk has a distinctly nonhuman side-to-side sway (you could say slither). Experts have also noted the president’s speech patterns as being abnormally rhythmic and musical.

Read the full story about Obama being a Reptilian on Arcturi

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to Aliens all over the Galaxy!!!!

Happy New Year from the Arcturi Staff

A few predictions for the New Year

- An increase in Major UFO sightings such as the lights and events over Norway
- Less Grey Alien Abduction stories, however, more encounters related to other types of alien beings
- A greater level of awareness and a stepped up level of consciousness on the part of many nations from around the globe
- Space agencies will confirm some form of life outside of the Earth
- Science will continue to tear down major barriers that civilization once thought was impossible!

Share your predictions here!