Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is there Extra Terrestrial Life Elsewhere?

Epicurus wrote that statement some 23 centuries ago, and today such a statement is back in the spotlight. With Modern technology we are able to see much father in space.

Outside our solar system we have now discovered more that 365 Planets. In the Milkyway Galaxy there are more than 100 billion stars and those stars all possess the possibility of harboring planetary systems of their own. With astronomers gazing into the far reaches of our galaxy, they hope to find Earthlike planets, and perhaps, some with all the making of life!

The launch of NASA's Kepler spacecraft last March is proof the the fast growing curisosity of finding Earthlike Planets in our Galaxy. Some estimate that there must be billions of Earthlike Planets throughout the Milkyway. Kepler's mission is to keep watch over 100,000 stars for signs of Earth-size planets.

Planet Facts:
It took humans thousands of years to explore our own planet and centuries to comprehend our neighboring planets. Today we fare much better, in fact, we find a new planet almost every week! Amid such exotica amongst the new planets we have discovered, scientists are eager to find a hint of a familiar planet(s) resembling Earth.

If scientist to day were to spot an Earth like Planet, what would that mean in terms of finding life, even advanced forms of life. Plants and Bacteria are one thing, but what about Human-like beings, Grey Aliens, Little Green Men, The Good Stuff!

"Biological evolution is so inherently unpredictable that even if life originated on a planet identical to Earth at the same time life started here, it is safe to say that life on that planet would almost certainly be very different." - Timothy Ferris National Geographic

Although these questions about Aliens and Earth-like planets remain unanswered, we are confident that with today's technology we will slowly learn more about the heavens and seek the truth to our origins. Until them we will continue to gaze into the stars above and wonder who is looking down at us!

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