Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Brotherhood of the All

It is known that the Arcturian Aliens look to the teachings of a higher being(s), similar to our earthly obsession with an Almighty Power that rules and reigns over all the nations of the Earth. These beings are called The Brotherhood of the All, and are said to exist in a spiritual plain that the Arcturians continually try to achieve. Evidently, Arcturians have progressed into the 5th and 6th dimensional planes of existence to find the peace, love and harmony that brings them one step closer to the Brotherhood of the All.

Because there is little knowledge about these benevolent and spiritual beings, it is hard to truly describe who they are and where they come from. It seems as though they have a god sense to their existence, yet different beings, like the Arcturians, are able to achieve a similar “god like state,” which would imply that a god like figure wouldn’t necessarily exist within the Brotherhood of the All.

The teaching of the Brotherhood of the All clearly entail the positive emotions that many humans know as Love, Sex, Joy, Kindness, Caring, Patience, Romance, Desire and Faith. Expression of these emotions allows Arcturians to further their “acsension;” however, the greatest difficulty for those who want to join the spiritual planes of the Brotherhood of the All is taking these positive emotions and manifesting them into the very soul of their being. Also, they must have the mental & spiritual discipline to block and eliminate negative emotions that we know as: Hate, Jealousy, Anger, Resentment, Pride, and Sorrow.

The more we try to understand the higher levels of existence and the emulating of these great beings, it is hard to ignore our Earthly ties to the teaching of our God and how he continually seeks to improve our inner beings through the positive emotions outlined above.

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