Monday, December 14, 2009

Lights Over Norway Arcturi Investigation Series: Another UFO over Norway December 10th, 2009


This is a video of another UFO (see original here)over Norway, this one recorded on December the 10th one day after the famous December the 9th sighting. This sighting was seen by considerably less people. The video does seem to look more like a projectile then the other which resembles a portal of some kind.

If these videos show Russian missile tests going wrong then we can deduce a few things. Russia is getting ready for a global conflict and we could see a nuclear end of the world coming soon. Additionally, Russia needs to work on its missile firing capabilities!

If these videos display some kind of inter-dimensional portal or vortex then it could be possible these UFOs are using these portals to travel between dimensions. It could be possible that these are wormholes opening up at various size depending on either the speed or size of vehicle entering the space.

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