Monday, December 21, 2009

How were the Grey's Aliens Created


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Many people are unaware of the origins about the race that continually surprises Earth with abductions, close encounters, UFO sightings and mythical stories.

The Grey race of aliens also come from the star Alpha Draconis like the Reptilian Aliens. In order to better understand how and why the Grey aliens exist, we must first look at the Reptilian race of aliens.

The Reptilians began from an early age to perfect the different biological technologies that were possible in the 3rd dimension. As they evolved through time, their physical bodies began to change and began to exist in different planes of existence. Because this happened their form of nutrition became what we call "negative energy" (In contrast, Arcturian Aliens feed off positive forms of energy). Because the population began to grow in numbers beyond their capabilities to maintain their current population size, they decided to create an "evil race" of aliens that would be able to produce negative energy for their ingestion. Much like the cloning that we are trying to accomplish here on Earth the Reptilian Aliens began to create a race of aliens for their personal gain. Essentially, they were creating a slave race of aliens to ensure the progression of their own Reptilian race through the ingestion of the evil energy the Greys emit.

However, much like the Carians, the Reptilian Aliens did not expect to have a full race of aliens completely revolt and turn against their creators. The Grey Aliens became powerful enough to wage wars against the oppressive reign of a Reptilian government and make their way into the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Because the Grey aliens do not have a home and also consume negative energy like their creators they made their way to the only planet that was not powerful enough to repel their armies. On a mission to use Earth's humans to feed (evil energy), they sent for their entire race and starships; however, when they arrived in the outer limits of our solar system they were met with the Arcturian Starship Athena. Only a select few made it through the lines and were able to strike deals with Earthly governments to conduct experiments in order to some day create a slave race of humans for the Grey race, whom sit outside our solar system waiting for the right time to strike.

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