Monday, December 28, 2009

Mars Close Pass by Earth and Cydonia


Known as the Earth’s next-door neighbor Mars is the fourth planet orbiting the sun. Mar is named for the Roman god of war. The Romans named it this because of its redish color similar to that of blood.

Mars is now much further away from the sun then the Earth (141,620,000 miles from the sun, roughly 1 ½ times the distance the Earth is from the sun). The distance from the sun along with less atmosphere density results in cooler temperatures on the Red Planet. The temperature can range from –195f. in the winter near the poles to 70f. in the summer near the equator. The topography of the planet is very similar to that of Earth’s with mountains, river valleys, glacier deposits, and large basins which once held water. The mantle is very similar to that of the Earth’s although the planet is significantly smaller.

Mars might once have harbored life, and living things might exist there even today. Mars almost certainly has three ingredients that scientists believe are necessary for life: (1) chemical elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen that form the building blocks of living things, (2) a source of energy that living organisms can use, and (3) liquid water.

When studying the early solar system researchers believe that its possible that both the Earth and Mars held much closer orbits to the sun. The respective ancient orbits would have put the Earth and Mars very close to one another at times (which possibly gives credit to ancient literature speaking of the moons of mars). However, this closer orbit was most likely pushed out further by colliding asteroids and other objects now pushed out to the asteroid belt

"Every 180 years Mars passed close to the earth in orbit. When a planet that big comes that close it involves crustal tides of 85 feet! The ancient cities of Troy, etc. were rebuilt from their rubble seven times! Mars rising at 50 times the size of the moon causing these crustal and ocean tides. Lightning and destruction followed and I'm sure that many who didn't understand the galaxy like we do today, worshipped this phenomenon because of it's power and danger. Satan used this to control the populations through the spiritual leaders and draw people away from the True God who wrote in the Torah not to worship the physical things because they are created things too. We are to worship the One True God only, because He made it all." - From Chuck Missler's Teaching of Mars.

If destroyed, that planet between Jupiter and Mars, the impact of the debris would have hit Mars on the same side and probably destroyed any atmosphere. This is probably what caused the orbital resonance of the solar system to change and brought about the changed orbit in Mars that caused it to come within close proximity to the Earth at times in their orbits and caused the people of Earth to worship the planet as the war god Mars. Eventually, the resonance of the solar system settled to what
it is today, but the asteroid field remained like a ring of debris marking where the orbit of the planet was.

Combine this with the thousands of reported UFO sightings and cases of alien abductions, and the Biblical accounts of non-humans (fallen angels) mating with human women to produce Nephilim, and our ancient history comes a little more into focus, I believe. Read UFOs, Aliens & Antichrist: The Angelic Conspiracy & End Times Deception If Lucifer once walked among the planets, then who's to say he and his fallen angels
aren't what Hollywood would dub "aliens?" They aren't from this planet, right? Given their reptilian nature and the seed of the serpent, I think there may be a link to these odd structures on Mars.

At Arcturi you will find more pictures of Mars and the site that many people view as an ancient city, Cydonia.

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