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The leading historical experts of the day have been able to identify a close match between Reptilians and wormholes. The savior gods almost every ancient religion have been denoted by bearded serpents. The research of many historians and mythologists (particularly the great William Henry) have determined that these historical serpent kings are often associated with having knowledge of wormholes and star gates.

A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel that connects two different points in time and space. A journey from the far reaches of our galaxy would take far less time if traveled through a wormhole. It is believed that many alien races have discovered the technology that stabilizes and controls these “star gates.”

The existence of wormholes was discovered by Albert Einstein in 1916 as a part of the theory of special relativity. Albert Einstiens’ theories were proven correct with the discovery of the black hole, a gravitational field around a spherically non-rotating mass compacted into a dense point. The zero point of a black hole has been determined to be so dense neither light, time, nor space can escape the field of gravity created by it. A second equation of Einstien allows for the opposite to a black hole, also known as a white hole. Scientists concluded that a blackhole consisted of the “entrance” of matter and the whitehole consisted of the “exit” point of matter. Thus this region of “flat” time and space mathematically creates a perfect conduit between to separate parts of the universe.

Evidence seems to indicate that the ancient serpent gods had the ability to manipulate and even create wormholes connecting two places in time and space. Ancient art often depicts these bearded kings coercing and influencing different spirals and portals. Below are a few of the compelling art pieces that give us evidence of these findings.

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