Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hall of Records: Guatemala (Edgar Cayce)


Brigham Young University archaeologists set out to Piedras Negras (Black Rocks), an old Mayan
city that has been enclosed by the jungles of Central America, in hopes to find evidence of Edgar Cayce’s
mention of the Hall of Records (These records are said to have the history of our human past and the
instructions of pyramid building).

Four seasons were spent in the jungles of Guatemala in order to obtain facts and evidence of this famous chamber, which contained the records. As stated by Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. “Due to the unstable nature of the building materials, they were unable to completely penetrate to the core of the building. This portion of the site (South Group) and the Acropolis area are the most likely locations for the Hall of Records according to clues given by Cayce in the readings. Additional excavations were performed during 2000 within the Acropolis and, as in the past, were hampered by large piles of debris left at the site by the University of Pennsylvania’s digs in the 1930s.”

Because of its remote location and unbearable jungle terrain that makes excavations difficult, BYU has decided not to re-visit the site but remain in the lab and study the stones that were found in the Mayan ruins. Although they did not find any solid evidence of the existence of the Hall of Records, archaeologists conclude, based off the clues Edgar Cayce gives, that Piedra Negras is the most likely place that the Mayan Hall of Records may be located.

As the Guatemalan Government continues to use American based research money to improve the old Mayan ruins for tourists, these sites will become more popular and will give more probability to the finding of the Hall of Records in the Yucatan Peninsula.

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